Jet Kave Adventure Switch Release Date Confirmed For Next Month

Mixing the old with the new in a colorful 2.5D platformer.
Jet Kave Adventure will be rocketing its way to the Switch sometime later this year.
Jet Kave Adventure will be rocketing its way to the Switch sometime later this year. 7levels

Jet Kave Adventure, the 2.5D action platformer based on a mix of Stone Age and science fiction, has finally announced a release date for the Nintendo Switch. Developer 7levels revealed its Nintendo eShop launch to come on September 17.

The game follows the story of Kave, the chief of a prehistoric tribe that is inhabiting an island with a dangerous volcano. Due to unfortunate (and yet to be told) circumstances, he is banished by his own people from the tribe. While in exile, he happens upon a piece of the most unusual tech – a jetpack! (Hence, the “Stone Fiction” tag from the developers) The plot is then moved forward when an “alien invader” crash lands on your native island. The alien’s ship is wrecked, and he will go to any means necessary to fix it – even setting off your island's volcano and starting a chain of disastrous events that may wipe life off the island.

To redeem himself, you must guide the exiled Kave throughout his journey to defeat the Alien invader with his newly found jetpack tech and his trusty prehistoric club. Jet Kave Adventure has players traversing their home island and encountering multiple challenging boss fights and difficult puzzles, all while leaping, flying, smashing, and jet-packing over your enemies.

The game boasts 36 colorful levels filled with hazards and secrets, 30 types of enemies to smack and whack, tons of collectibles that you can unlock through traversing the world and beating enemies, which you can later use to upgrade your looks and gear.

The game already looks promising from its action-packed trailer, and it also helps that 7levels, Jet Kave Adventure’s developer, is experienced with making action platformers, as evidenced by their 2018 release Castle of Heart which you can now play exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can start guiding the jet-pack wielding tribe leader on the Nintendo Switch on September 17.

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