Jet Kave Adventure Trailer: Jetpacking 2.5D Platformer Coming To The Switch Soon

It's a caveman with a rocket-powered device. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
Jet Kave Adventure will be rocketing its way to the Switch sometime later this year.
Jet Kave Adventure will be rocketing its way to the Switch sometime later this year. 7levels

The Stone Age sci-fi adventure platformer Jet Kave Adventure is going to be jetpacking its way to the Nintendo Switch soon.

Coming from Polish video game developer 7levels (creator of 2018 Nintendo Switch title Castle of Heart) is this 2.5D platforming action game set in the Stone Age, which also happens to be littered with sci-fi elements. You play as Kave, the chief of his own tribe –that is until he was banished by his own people. While in exile, he happens upon a most interesting find, considering the timeline he’s in: a jetpack! This transforms Kave into a sort of “digital cave man” in an “analog world”. Your quest now begins as you attempt to redeem yourself and prove that you are worthy to the tribe that banished you. To do this, you must save the island you and your tribe live on from an “alien invader” who crash landed in your midst. The alien invader wants to fix his spaceship at all costs, even if it means setting off a disastrous volcanic eruption that may wipe out the whole island.

Proving yourself once and for all will not be easy, though. Along the way, Kave will encounter challenging boss fights, solve difficult puzzles and navigate through enemies using his skill, and of course his newly found jetpack. With the help of this tech (and your trusty club), you will fly over pits, smash through walls, and run over your enemies to finish the alien threat once and for all and save your island from extinction.

Jet Kave Adventure will have players flying through 36 unique levels riddled with hazards and filled with secrets and collectibles that will help you upgrade your gear to prepare yourself for the final boss fight.

Fans of the platforming genre should enjoy this addition to the Nintendo Switch. The trailer provides sneak peeks into levels that look visually pleasing. It’s also a nice deviation from the recent trends of platformers and their infatuation with 16bit graphics and pixel art aesthetics.

No release date has been confirmed yet, but we can either expect to hear more details on July 11.

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