Japanese Trailer For River City Girls Shows Off New Gameplay Details

Showing off some of the game's colorful bosses.
ARc System Works has released a Japanese trailer for River City Girls, revealing new mechanics and gameplay footage.
ARc System Works has released a Japanese trailer for River City Girls, revealing new mechanics and gameplay footage. WayForward Technologies

WayForward’s spinoff of the long-running River City series is getting quite the fanfare, as River City Girls brings back the enjoyable co-op beat ‘em up brawler and gives it a spin – a waifu spin, that is. The game lets you play as one of two high-schoolers, Kyoko and Misako – who also happen to be girlfriends of the series’ regular protagonists Kunio and Riki – as they set about on a journey to rescue their boyfriends.

The teaser trailer was a hit with a lot of the series’ fans, as well as those who are fans of WayForward’s newest titles following their successful rerelease of Mighty Switch Force!, and a new Shantae currently in the works. Now, we get a new trailer courtesy of WayForward’s Japanese co-developer, the 2D-fighting experts at Arc System Works. This Japanese trailer showcases some very neat features that we’ve yet to see announced, and highlights some more gameplay footage from what is brewing up to be one of the most anticipated beat ‘em ups of the year. Check it out below.

The three minutes of footage shows off some of the more colorful bosses that Kyoko and Misako will meet on their journey to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends. The bosses are varied, with a giant of a woman named Musuzu, a spellcaster named Yamada, a bald muscular goon named Bobo, and a female rock frontman named Noize. It also appears that you can team up with certain NPCs by helping them, who can then be called upon to do a one-time flurry of moves for you.

Besides saving up money to buy fighting moves from a dojo, Kyoko and Misako can also buy equipment and items that can help them on their quest. There seems to be a lot of items available, ranging from clothing, to things like comic books and food, all of which boost the characters’ stats. River City Girls is beginning to make a lot of sense as an RPG-lite title as well, what with the different customizations and paths you can choose with both of the characters.

River City Girls will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 5.

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