iOS 10.1.1 Problems: Apple Activation Lock Bypass Discovered On Latest Version

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Apple’s iOS 10.1.1 has been plagued with numerous bugs, in particular battery drain. However, it appears the latest issue with the system could jeopardize the security of iPhone and iPad users.

Several sources have discovered methods of bypassing the Activation Lock feature, which is set in place to protect lost Apple smartphones and tablets. Activation Lock allows users to lock their devices remotely if they have been lost or stolen. However, security researchers and tech enthusiasts have figured out a work around that could allow malicious parties to log into a device and access the home screen even after Activation Lock has been set.

Security expert Hemanth Joseph first discovered the bypass in iOS 10. Users must input their Apple ID credentials to disable Activation Lock and use their device once more. However, Joseph bypassed the need for a username and password by selecting “Other Network” in the Wi-Fi setup process and then typing in a long string of characters. Once he received an error message he turned the screen on and off by closing and opening the Smart Cover until the security layer crashed and allowed him access to the tablet home page.

Apple claimed the bypass was fixed in iOS 10.1.1, according to Redmond Pie. However, new video by vulnerability0lab demonstrates an iOS 10.1.1 iPad being hacked into despite having Activation Lock enabled. The method is similar, except the users employed the iPad’s screen rotation mechanism to crash the security layer.

Apple has not commented on the issue, but pundits expect a patch update will soon roll out to address the vulnerability. Apple’s iOS 10.2 is also expected to roll out in December and lay include a fix. In the meanwhile, be careful about forgetting your iPhone or iPad somewhere nefarious handset can get access.

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