iOS 10.2 Beta 3 Features: Apple’s Peach Butt Emoji Returns

ios peach emoji
iOS Peach Emoji Apple

Apple is working hard on it’s beta updates for iOS 10.2 and the latest version of the software includes a change that will cause many naughty texters to breathe a sigh of relief. In the latest iOS 10.2 Beta 3, Apple has changed the peach emoji back to its original curvature, which many akin to a curvy rear end.

Many on social media and texting use the peach emoji as reference to a butt. However, in the 10.2 Beta 2 software, Apple updated the look and shape of the fruit emoji to be rounder and less butt-like. This did not go over well is iOS users testing the new software.

The Next Web discovered Tuesday, within the recently released 10.2 Beta 3 that the peach emoji has returned to its original shape. However, Apple maintained the fuzzy more peach-like shading that it added in the 10.2 Beta 2. The best of both worlds.

The final version of iOS 10.2 is expected to release sometime in December and includes a host of new emojis, including an avocado, shark, croissant, a shark, a carrot, a squid, bacon, a kiwi, and an owl. Other notable emojis include female versions of the professional emojis, such as the teacher, astronaut, welder, coder, business worker, farmer, scientist, chef, student, mechanic, and doctor.

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