Introducing The Best Counters For Lapras In Pokémon GO

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Since it is Lapras Raid Day, it is time to round up the best counters for this Pokemon
Since it is Lapras Raid Day, it is time to round up the best counters for this Pokemon Niantic

Yes, it is Lapras Raid Day in Pokémon GO – and everyone is doing their best to enjoy it. The event marks the first full-on Special Raid Day for this holiday season. Lapras is no stranger to the Pokémon world, and it has been a favorite since Ash rode on one in the anime.

Fighting a Lapras is not an easy thing to overcome. You will need the right pocket monsters to defeat it. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best counters for Lapras in Pokémon GO.

#1. Raikou

If you have not leveled a Raikou before, now is the time to do it. This is a powerful electric Pokémon capable of taking down a Lapras. Be sure to use its thundershock and wild charge to secure the win.

#2. Magnezone

You might think a Magneton is not worth your time, but evolve it and you will see the difference. A Magnezone is an electric and Steel-type Pokémon, making it one of the best counters for Lapras. Your best course of action here is to outfit the Pokémon with spark and wild charge, something you can do inside a magnetic lure module.

#3. Machamp

A set of straight fighting moves can really help you big time. Ever wondered why Machop tends to be a relatively common Pokémon when weather boosted? Well, this is what makes the Pokémon pretty handy; hence, some trainers employ level 35 or higher Machamps. This perennial attacker will not let you down in the battlefield.

#4. Roserade

If you have a Roserade with you, do yourself a favor and do not trade it. Your goal here is to evolve the Pokémon to a Roselia, a strong Grass-type attacker despite its diminutive stature. Keep in mind, though that this evolution is only obtainable through a Sinnoh stone.

#5. Electivire

To round out the list, let’s bring in another Electric-type Pokémon. An evolution of Electabuzz, this Pokémon is among those pocket monsters with no evolution in gen. one. This weird-looking electric tiger Pokémon is a very strong counter, with thundershock and wild charge being its go-to attacks. Much like Roserade, you will also need a Sinnoh stone here.

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