Insomniac Developer Reveals Easter Egg In Spider-Man That No One Noticed

Just another layer of authenticity to the already expansive game.
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It's been some time since a developer has to reveal an Easter egg that most of the game's players seem to have missed.
It's been some time since a developer has to reveal an Easter egg that most of the game's players seem to have missed. Insomniac Games

For all the hidden secrets and Easter eggs a game has, you would think that fans would be able to take the time to find them all, especially if the game is a popular release. That is, of course, unless that game is Spider-Man.

One of Spider-Man’s developers – Elan Ruskin, senior engine programmer at Insomniac – took to Twitter last Saturday to announce a hidden Easter egg that escaped the usually attentive eyes of gamers.

For those who are not aware, many Jews observe the Sabbath, a time every week lasting from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. During this time, Jews may choose to rest from work. Since Spider-Man is set in the multicultural and religiously diverse place that is New York City, where a lot of Jews also call their home, booting the game up on a real-world Saturday means that you won’t encounter any of the Jewish non-playable characters.

This just goes to show the level of detail Insomniac went through to add another level of authenticity to Spider-Man. When the game was released just last year, it garnered significant critical and commercial acclaim, and was one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time.

Speaking of Easter eggs, just last week, Insomniac has acknowledged a Spider-Man Easter egg found in The Division 2. This shows Peter Parker’s backpack stuck on a wall with webbing, a reference to how he usually keeps his civilian clothes away while being the heroic webslinger. Backpacks are also a common collectible in the PS4 Spider-Man.

There have been several interesting Easter eggs found in Spider-Man since its release. A cameo from Stan Lee is of course already a given, seeing as before he passed away, he always made an appearance for every Marvel movie that released. Not all of the Easter eggs ended on a happy note; back in May of last year, a fan reached out to the developer Insomniac asking them if they could put in an Easter egg to help him propose to his girlfriend in the game. The studio obliged, and you can now see a movie theater marquee at an intersection of Canal St and Church St on the West side of the Financial District bearing the words, “Maddie, Will You Marry Me?”. It would appear that he was turned down afterward, and there was some significant drama involved in the story.

In any case, it’s always nice to find something new to love about a game you’ve been playing for long, especially if it goes under your nose for quite some time.

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