Every Song In Insecure Season 2 Episode 4, ‘Hella LA’

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Insecure Season 2 episode 4, “Hella LA” featured more songs than any episode yet because the majority of time spent was out at a day party dubbed Kiss & Grind (with DJ Syd, of The Internet, in case you didn't notice). Normally, each track is carefully placed around a scene. This time around, Issa Rae and the music team switched it up. The Insecure soundtrack is getting hotter and hotter by the week and we’ve got 13 songs you should add to your playlist.

First, there’s Jay IDK’s “Omw,” which plays as Issa and the crew head out and Lawrence gets ready to meet up with Chad.

Kelli, Issa and Molly arrive at the day party to Dom Kennedy’s “T P O.” When they get to their table in the back (which Issa says may as well be the sidewalk), Molly says, “It’s a grind,” as Bryson Tiller’s “Run Me Dry” comes on.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is driving to meet up with Chad when he pulls a U-turn because of traffic. Of course, he watches someone else do it, but he’s the one to get pulled over. He swiftly changes the radio from “A. T. M. (I’m Livin’)” by YrF to the classical station. He gets away without a ticket or any problems after the cop realizes he’s a Georgetown graduate, but is quick to point out he went to Villanova, who “beat” Georgetown last year.

We’re back with the Issa, Molly and Kelli in the club and they are turning up. There’s a bunch of songs that play as Molly flirts with her old friend, Dro, Issa spots her old fling, Daniel, and Kelli scopes out the boy situation. The songs play one after another so here they are:

“Campaign” - Ty Dolla $ign feat. Future

“Fashion Week” - Wale feat G-Eazy

“Feel Good” - P-Lo feat. G-Eazy

“Kokamoe Freestyle” - GoldLink

“Shake That Monkey” - Too $hort feat. Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz  

“Slow Motion” - Juvenile feat. Soulja Slim

We catch back up with Lawrence at the grocery store.  His credit card slipped out of his wallet when he got pulled over, and two girls insist on paying for his beers. Of course, they had ulterior motives and bring him back to their apartment. Clearly wanting to get down, they flip on “Die For You” by The Weekend. The original is not on YouTube, so you’ll have to check it out on Spotify or Apple Music (For real though, you should know it anyway…)

The night doesn’t go as anyone planned, except for Kelli. At a diner after the party, Dro texts Molly for a booty call, but she turns him down as  “Little Things” by Sunni Colón plays softly in the background. Issa, whose Tinder date with Felix was a failure, ends up seeing Daniel at the diner. The episode ends with the two of them eating together and “Matthew In The Middle” by Sean Leon plays as the credits roll.

Did we miss any songs? Let us know in the comments and check out the tracklist for "Hella Open" and "Hella Questions."


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