Every Song In Insecure Episode 3, 'Hella Open'

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Insecure Season 2 episode 3, “Hella Open,” has arrived and as we expected, there are a handful of songs you’ll need to add to your playlist this week. The first song is still a mystery, but the chorus is epic. “I got real bitch problems...Leave a real bitch for a thottie, you a hoe.” This is a gem. Twitter agrees. It's definitely a single for Insecure, per Issa Rae, and it's by TT The Artist. 

UPDATE 8/7: "Real Bitch Problems" by TT The Artist available to stream on Soundcloud. 

The song plays after Issa is on a date gone wrong. She’s awkwardly hanging out with a guy who makes a move on her and she keeps laughing at him everytime he touches her. Things get so tense she bails.

These next songs are familiar if you follow Jidenna and THEY. Issa heads over to Molly’s. “I always wanted a hoe phase, and then I met Lawrence and he made me fall in love with him and shit. Bitch can you teach me how to hoe,” Issa asks. “That’s rude... and yes,” Molly says.

They head out to the bar we hear the horns playing from THEY's "U-RITE". Issa tries to talk to a bunch of guys but is extremely awkward. Jidenna's "Trampoline" is on while Molly ends up talking to a guy she really likes.

Issa is at home in bed but her dildo needs new batteries. She searches every electronic device she can think of, even the smoke detector, but can’t find any.  "Hump Day" by Miss Eaves plays as Issa runs around her apartment. "Take five, slip and slide. All I need to go is one hand."

Lawrence agrees to go to Tasha’s family barbeque and arrives with extra lawn chairs. Tasha immediately puts him to work with various tasks and Lawrence doesn’t really know how to feel about it. As “Let’s Play House” by Tha Dogg Pound plays, Lawrence bails to go celebrate “startup saturday” with his co workers. “Some of that shit you just can't fuck wit. Tha dogg pound flava, for the nine-fever.”

Earlier in the day, Issa notices her neighbor outside by the pool, Eddie who came to her party last week. Later, she goes down to his apartment with a phone charger cord hoping to make conversation. When he opens the door, Issa compliments his song choice. “Doubt it” by Kyle is playing on his stereo. Kyle's "Deeper (ft Beldina)" follows. So does Buddy's "A-Lite."

Issa plan works. Eddie lets her inside and they smoke and end up hooking up while “B.E.D.” by Jacquees plays.

Issa leaves Eddie’s house. Even though it was awkward at first, she ends up having a good time. She checks her phone and has a Tinder notification from a guy asking to meet up. She’s finally starting to get over Lawrence, yay! Rico Nasty’s “Poppin” closes out the night. “I’m a poppin ass bitch let me remind ya.”



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