‘Injustice 2’ June 5 Update Patch Notes: Mostly Bug Fixes And Optimization, Some Character Tweaks

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Injustice 2 coming in 2017 NetherRealm

The first big update to Injustice 2 is being rolled out and fixes a bunch of bugs and visual anomalies happening during gameplay.

NetherRealm Studios released the full patch notes for the June 5 update and a lot of it has to do with general fixes and stage-specific fixes to intractables and overall playability, but what most players are looking for are the character-specific changes that are being made.

While this update doesn’t necessarily give any significant nerf or buff to any one character, plenty of fighters get some minor fixes to visuals while other changes allow for moves and attacks to function as originally intended.

Here are all the character-specific changes made in the Injustice 2 June 5 update.

  • Black Adam - the Gear Ability Soul of Shazam now increases damage on initial hit of SHAZAM!!! (Flip Stance + Meter Burn)
  • Black Adam - the Gear Ability Seth Strike can now be done as a wakeup, reversal, and be 2in1 cancelled into
  • Bane - Mercenary’s Elbow when meter-burned will no longer do unscaled damage (this change only applies when not in Competitive/Tournament Mode)
  • Bane - fixed a bug which prevented his forward and backward throw to not reward a first hit bonus
  • Bane - while in level 3 Venom, Shattering Cross (Towards + Medium) will no longer lose its armor breaking property when cancelled into Fist Slam (Down)
  • Brainiac - slightly adjusted hit regions on Panic In The Sky (Towards + Medium, Down + Light, Hard)
  • Cyborg - fixed a bug which could cause the HUD UI for his character power to display the wrong icon
  • Darkseid - the character power Parademons will no longer sometimes immediately attack if the character power button is still held down
  • Darkseid - fixed a bug where Low Burn (Down + Hard) could remain active with no visual effect if he was hit during a specific frame
  • Darkseid - fixed bug causing Charging Parademon to attack in the wrong direction under certain circumstances
  • Deadshot - Fixed bug causing opponent to gain meter when killed by Wrist Cannon while Poison Ammo is active
  • Flash - the visual effects for Gear Ability Sonic Bolt will no longer disappear if Flash was hit during the recovery frames
  • Green Arrow - fixed a bug preventing Canary's Kiss (Towards + Hard) from receiving a damage boost when meter-burned or performed as a bounce cancel
  • Joker - reduced the block stun on Chattering Teeth by 5 to prevent an inescapable block trap against most characters
  • Poison Ivy - fixed a bug where Bed of Thorns visual effects could linger when the move was not active
  • Scarecrow - fixed a bug which caused his wakeup attacks to have no invincibility frames (affects Fear Toxin & Traumatize)
  • Wonder Woman - “The Gear ability Amalthea’s Protection no longer loses armor when meter-burned.
  • Wonder Woman - fixed a bug causing Upward Amalthea Bash when done as a wakeup to lose invulnerability before the activate frame

Let us know if any of the changes in the latest Injustice 2 June update will affect your play style with that character or if it’ll turn you off from playing that character at all in the comments section below.

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