Injustice 2 Black Manta Combo Guide And Tutorial

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Here's a combo guide for everything Black Manta in Injustice 2.
Here's a combo guide for everything Black Manta in Injustice 2. NetherRealm/Player.One

The first new DLC character in Injustice 2 ’s Fighter Pack 2 is available now. Players are figuring out how to best use Black Manta and we’ve been doing the same.

NetherRealm released Black Manta’s gameplay trailer right before the Aquaman villain arrived in the DC Comics fighting game. While the trailer shows off some of the character’s many specials, we’ve put in some time to learn what makes Black Manta tick in Injustice 2 and put together explainers on how Black Manta’s specials work plus a tutorial of some basic combos to make fighting with the villain more fun.

Check out our video tutorial for Black Manta below.



Manta Rays (Back, Forward, SQUARE): This special allows Black Manta to fire off a large laser beam out of his helmet. It’s a good option if players keep their distance from the opponent, but be aware that it’s not the fastest projectile in the game and can be countered easily.

Meter burning Manta Rays pushes your opponent to the other side of the screen and also deals extra damage. It’s also a good option to catch the opponent off guard if they block the initial hit from the laser beam — the second shot from the Meter Burn can protect Black Manta.

This is a good way to end combos, especially if you need space.

Shark Attack (Back, Forward, TRIANGLE): Shark Attack allows Black Manta to dive across the screen. It’s almost a full screen charge so players can catch an opponent off-guard if they think they created enough space. However, be wary of being predicted as being blocked or missing will leave Black Manta open to be punished.

Meter Burning Shark Attack does extra damage and is a good way to end combos. This special can also be done in the air to catch airborne opponents and to escape if need be.

Torpedo Cannon (Down, Back, TRIANGLE): The second most important special in Black Manta’s arsenal, Torpedo Cannon launches a short-ranged homing missile that can put distance between Black Manta’s opponent.

But players will want to use the Meter Burn Torpedo Cannon as a combo starter. The Meter Burn launches a second torpedo that kicks the opponent up in the air, allowing for some combo craziness.

It should be noted that this special can also be performed in the air.

Rising Tide (Down, Forward, X): If Torpedo Cannon was the second most important special, Rising Tide is THE most important.

This special has Black Manta disappear into the ground and appear underneath the opponent for an uppercut. It’s very punishable, so players will want to use it during a combo to make sure they land the uppercut. This is where the potential for this special begins.

Using this special normally kicks up the opponent just enough to get a small combo going. However, if you Meter Burn, it you’ll deal a second hit that kicks them up even higher so Black Manta can get a longer combo going.

Harpoon (Down, Back, X): Like the Manta Rays, Harpoon is a long-ranged special that grabs an opponent and brings them toward Black Manta before he hits them away.

The range is better than Manta Rays, so it’s optimal to use it from a far distance and can even be done in the air to grab an airborne or grounded opponent. The Meter Burn simply does extra damage.

Like the Manta Rays, Harpoon is best as a combo finisher.

Character Power - Float (Circle): Black Manta’s Character Power allows him to use his jetpack to float for a set amount of time.

While floating, Black Manta can avoid projectiles and go above the opponent. The villain can even float across the screen to get away from the opponent. He also has some limited attack capabilities while floating but this is used mostly as a means to escape.


Now that you’re acclimated to Black Manta’s specials, here are a few simple combos to get started.

Hunting the Others (SQUARE, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE): This combo is a simple attack combination that can be chained with some of Black Manta’s specials.

Flooded (Back + SQUARE, SQUARE, Up + X): This is the bread and butter combo for Black Manta. You can use this simple combination to start a combo with some of Black Manta’s specials like Rising Tide or coming off a Meter Burned Rising Tide/Torpedo Cannon.

Great White Strike (Back + SQUARE, SQUARE, Up + X, Down + TRIANGLE): Not as simple as the others but it’s still easy to pull off on its own. This combo will launch your opponent in the air before slamming them down. This is a great combo ender with Black Manta’s specials.

Scared Scavenger (Back + TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE): Another simple combo that works well as the middle of a combination or a combo finisher.

The Bends (Forward + TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X): Like the Hunter the Others combo, The Bends is a simple attack combination that can deal multiple hits. It’s also a great way to start combinations as long as you use a Meter Burned Rising Tide afterwards to kick the opponent up.

If you’re looking to combo Black Manta’s Super Move, look no further than the TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X combination. This attack doesn’t have a name but you can use this combination followed directly by a Rising Tide and then into your Super. NOTE: Don’t use your Meter Burn for Rising Tide.


Now that you have learned some of Black Manta’s basic combos, it’s time to chain them together. As a reminder, a Meter Burned Torpedo Cannon, Rising Tide (normal or Meter Burn) are the best combo starters for these combination of attacks.

Players should also consider using Forward + X to get a combo started.

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