The Infinite Future Coming to Honkai Impact 3rd October 21

Enjoy a new chapter.
Enjoy a new chapter. miHoYo

Honkai Impact 3rd is releasing Update v5.2, titled Infinite Future, this October 21. It’s going to introduce a new Chapter that can be experienced through the game’s Open World. There are also two new battlesuits for players to try on.

In a statement, publisher miHoYo revealed that the upcoming Chapter “The Birth of Tragedy” will have a major plot twist. The story starts with Overseer Otto leaving Schicksal and the wealth and power it accumulated for many centuries. The question is if this is another ploy or a price he needs to pay? To learn the truth, players need to explore Kolosten, the Open World of Schicksal's former HQ.

The Infinite Future introduces players to two new battlesuits which are Raven's [Midnight Absinthe] and Mobius' [Infinite Ouroboros].

For quite some time, Raven has been the focus of the story. In addition to being a World Serpent Agent, she’s also a former ace mercenary and a Stan Wars winner. Since [Midnight Absinthe] is pretty much the first IMG-type A-rank battlesuit, it allows Raven to have a different but equally important role in battle. It’s worth noting that the IMG-type is neither superior nor inferior compared to the BIO-, PSY-, MECH-types. While it counters other IMG- units, it can be countered by QUA-type.

Since Raven’s fighting style is martial arts and archery, her special mechanic lets her get buffs and SP by picking up feather items dropped by her basic ATK, passive, and QTE. She can even heal herself by picking up the Bounty Coins dropped by the enemies she defeats.

Meanwhile, Mobius makes her official debut as an S-rank battlesuit [Infinite Ouroboros]. This Flame-Chaser possesses the Signet of Infinity. Her special mechanic lets her chain each special ATK sequence into an enhanced basic ATK, which is easy to execute and doesn’t demand quick reflexes.

In addition to the new battlesuits, players also get access to new weapons and stigma sets designed for Mobius and Raven.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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