Honkai Impact 3rd The Phantom of the Theater: Top Things to Know

New content.
New content. miHoYo

The Phantom of the Theater is arriving in Honkai Impact 3rd this May 27. It’s set to introduce the S-rank battlesuit Starchasm Nyx and the launch of the server-wide event Stan Wars. There’s also a new story chapter to enjoy in The Legion Theater. This newest content is coming to the game courtesy of Patch 4.8.

The game is set in a world corrupted by a mysterious energy called Honkai. Protecting the world from the spread of this energy are girls with the anti-Hokai genome known as Valkyries. Honkai Impact 3rd has players take control of a maximum of three Valkyries and lead them to battle. Players can also customize the skills and stats through the use of various equipment.

In The Phantom of the Theater, players get to meet Seele who lost to her nemesis as a result of not being able to fully control her power. Thus, she chose to free her other self in hopes of bringing out her full potential. Throughout this new content, players get to learn more about the bond that exists between these two Seeles.

S-Rank Battlesuit

As mentioned, it brings to the game the new S-Rank Starchasm Nyx. This QUA battlesuit for Seele can deal massive ice damage with scythe and chain claws. It can also sweep multiple targets during Burst and pass on damage through Nightmare Thorns while being able to disable enemies’ Soul Links.

In addition to the battlesuit, there are two new weapons, Sanguine Gaze and Sanguine Gaze: Union, with the latter as the best weapon for Starchasm Nyx.

Other Offerings

The new patch introduces players to the Stan Wars event, an idol competition. Players can vote for their favorite idol and send her to superstardom. Those who join the event get the Flame Sakitama outfit “Mauve Cascade” among many others.

Meanwhile, Story Chapter 24: The Legion Theater focuses on the appearance of a new Herrscher. Joining this story event allows players to buy the 4-star stigma Starchasm Nyx (B). Learn more about Patch 4.8 here.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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