Industries of Titan: Update 19 Introduces New Weather Features and Career Progression

Industries of Titan
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Industries of Titan lets you build and manage your own massive metropolis. Here, you will learn how to balance your resources, workers, factories, and buildings to establish a powerful and efficient economy. What’s more, you can play at your own pace since you can pause the game at any time.

Recently, this innovative sim-strategy game got an update that introduces new weather features. The first one is the Xethane emissions. The ground below begins to shake from time to time, releasing Xethane into the air through cracks and crevices. While it’s not fragrant at all, it can be used as a good source of fuel.

The second weather feature introduced in Update 19 is heavy fog. It reduces visibility and turret range, making it ideal for you to strike the rebels if the fog envelops a certain place.

Another notable change is that you can now track your progression between playthroughs. This gives you the chance to unlock new victory cards for future corporations, as well as new Codex entries. If you want to reset your career progress, you can do so by deleting a certain file.

Update 19 (Patch 0.22.) Changelog

  • Cards: Enterprising Employer, Industrial Idealogue
  • Points: Current waste, Current tier 3 Resources, current conversion centers, current offices, current residentials, current factories
  • Snowstorms and Sandstorms now reduce turret range by one, no longer decrease visibility
  • Improved rain effects
  • Puddles now form on the ground and rooftops during rain
  • The Freedom K1 has received some new interior layouts, be on the lookout for these when engaging with rebel forces
  • Fuel tanks and batteries that are destroyed on ships will be empty after they are fully repaired
  • When using a text field to change the number of dedicated workers, pressing enter will now correctly remove focus from that text field
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when defeating a rebel ship while being in close proximity to another rebel ship
  • Hovering over the “Repair All” button will now show the cost of that action in a tooltip
  • Fixed resource indicators above surveyed inert ruins not re-appearing if you cancel activating them
  • Fixed an issue with the grid’s energy info not updating correctly when a building that uses power is being upgraded
  • Fixed fuel info not displaying correctly on the left-hand panel in combat view

Industries of Titan Update 19 is available on PC.

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