This Incredible Skyrim Mod Adds Sekiro's Masterful Combat To Gameplay

Skyrim Sekiro Mod
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Skyrim is home to some of the most incredible mods in gaming and the modding community is continuously working to make phenomenal new experiences for the game. Today, we got to take a look at an incredible combat mod developed for Skyrim by Lert Krush. This combat mod brings Sekiro's excellent combat mechanics to Skyrim. Although the animations look clunky, the mod itself does a good job of recreating the tense sword fighting scenarios in Skyrim.

The unmodded combat in Skyrim is pretty plain, requiring you to hit targets and block when the enemy attacks you. Of course, it gets boring after a point of time. This Sekiro combat mod brings a breath of fresh air to Skyrim's combat and requires players to deflect enemy attacks and wear down their stamina, leaving them open for an attack. Enemies can also deflect your attacks, but you have abilities that let you roll out of your enemy's way and recoup for your next move. You can also deflect arrows from cowardly archers. The mod also has certain visual cues as seen in Sekiro, which can help you master deflect timings.

However, you cannot just rush to Nexus Mods, download the mod, and start deflecting dragons. The mod was originally created by Lert Krush and was shown off in a YouTube video. The video has since been received positively by viewers, making the developers want to release the mod for the community. However, there's a catch to it. The mod is actually a modification of the Ultimate Combat SE mod, so Lert Krush has to get permission from the original creator before publishing the mod.

We can all just hope that the mod releases soon so we can get a chance to take our turns with this exciting creation. Meanwhile, you can hop in to Sekiro and perfect those deflect timings while you wait.

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