ICARUS: New Buffs, Dried Meat, and Scale Weapons Introduced in Week 15 Content Update

Week 15 Content Update
Week 15 Content Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

The latest update for ICARUS is a pretty good one. The Week 15 content update introduces new food buffs that come from dried meats. Two new missions have also been added - one of which unlocks the ability for you to create scale weapons.

New Missions

There are two new missions in ICARUS. The first is Cryogenic: Research and this requires you to retrieve a sample of specific preserved creatures.

The second is Unearthed: Research and it is important because, as previously mentioned, it unlocks the ability for you to create new weapons. When taking on this mission, you are required to fill and activate a sample analyzer to research new recipes derived from native resources. You are rewarded with a copy of the recipes as well.

New Features

The developers have added a way for you to turn fresh animal meat into dried foods by using Drying Racks. Dried meats are consumables that provide different buffs and benefits. For example, Dried White Meat gives you increased stamina, exposure resistance, and reduced food consumption.

Once you’ve completed the newly added Unearthed: Research mission, you can forge weapons from the scales harvested from Caveworms. Scale weapons are special because they inflict poison on-hit and are perfect when hunting tougher foes.

Patch Highlights

  • Added Drying Rack. This is a new processing structure that allows you to turn rare meats into their dried variant for preservation
  • Added new Meat Types to replace Prime Meat: Stringy Meat, White Meat, Fatty T-Bone, Giant Steak, Game Meat, Soft Meat. These have a chance of dropping from all animals
  • Added Bacon, a new meat type that always drops from Boars
  • Added new Caveworm items (Knife, Arrow, Spear, and Bow) that are unlocked by completing the Unearthed Mission
  • Added new Poison Sack, dropped by Caveworms and used in some of the above recipes
  • Added new AI Improvements, such as more dynamic target selection from aggressive AI, and neutral Buffalo now has a charge attack
  • Caveworms now drop a Caveworm Remains Mesh when killed
  • Improved Concrete Mix crafting times. Was 25 seconds dry and 20 seconds wet. Now 10 seconds dry and 5 seconds wet
  • Added one more cave to the south-east corner of the map
  • Fixed some Concrete building pieces not giving a refund on deconstruction
  • Removed in-world tooltip UI window effect which could appear distorted on some configurations
  • Fixed an exploit wherein the loadout menu more than 15 items could be stacked in the dropship cargo inventory
  • Fixed multiple cases where subtitled dialog did not match the audio

The full patch notes can be found on ICARUS’ official Steam page.

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