ICARUS: Week 12 Content Adds Solo Talent Points; Increases Talent Point Soft Cap

ICARUS Week 12 Content Update
ICARUS Week 12 Content Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Week 12 content update for ICARUS is here. This is just a prelude for what’s to come next week as the developers intend to employ a system that allows you to respec your talent points. Anyway, this patch focuses more on increasing the talent point soft cap and adding solo talent points for those who prefer playing without the help of others.

Talent System Changes

ICARUS now uses an infinite leveling system. For context, the game used to have a hard cap of Level 99, where you can unlock just a little over 300 Blueprint Points. After applying the patch, however, you can now go past the soft cap of level 50 and continually earn XP and Blueprint Points. The current tech tree will continue to expand to welcome this change.

In addition, the developers know that some people prefer playing solo, and that’s why they’ve added dedicated talent points for such players. To put it simply, you’ll now earn a dedicated “Solo Point” every second level up to a maximum of 25.

The devs have also expanded the solo talent tree to make solo characters much stronger, though you have to decide what you want your characters to specialize in. Do you want them to have increased yield when hunting, or do you want them to be capable of carrying as many things as possible?

As mentioned earlier, these changes are just the beginning. The developers will be releasing the highly requested talent point respec feature soon. The upcoming feature will allow you to get back some of your talent points so that you can use them elsewhere. This alleviates the need for you to start from scratch, thus saving you more time and allowing you to enjoy the game without going through the hassle all over again.


  • Changed level 99 cap to an infinite leveling system which repeats once you reach level 50 to infinitely rewards blueprint points
  • Increased Talent point soft cap from stopping at level 40 with 48 total spendable talent points, to continue to level 50, with 60 total spendable talent points
  • Added solo talent points. The solo talent tree now uses its own talent points for progression, these are not shared with the other more general talent trees
  • Added several new talents to the solo tree, and adjusted the layout of existing talents
  • Added new sleep interface
  • Added graphics setting option for contact shadows - an inexpensive way of rendering shadows
  • Fixed issue where distant mountains in outposts were not casting shadows correctly
  • Fixed issue with visual artifacts in the distance
  • Fixed not being able to remove the player waypoint by double-clicking
  • Fixed issue where the player could have more than one waypoint
  • Fixed waypoint markers not being given the correct color
  • Fixed further instances of some water bodies (especially rivers) missing fish
  • Improved the description of the hunting rifle to clarify that it is semi-automatic

ICARUS Week 12 content update is available on PC.

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