ICARUS: Week 55 Update Improves Inventory Sorting; Refunding Talents Now Fixed

Week 55 Update
Week 55 Update Steam

Sorting your items in ICARUS has now gotten better, thanks to the improvements in the Week 55 Update.

Inventory sorting in ICARUS is nothing new, but the community has requested for the feature to be improved. Thus, in the Week 55 Update, you will see a new option type that allows you to sort item categories in the following order:

  • Non-Food Consumables
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Buildings
  • Resources
  • Exotics

It is worth mentioning that the previous sorting options by weight, stack amount, and name in alphabetical order are still present, so you don’t have to worry about that.

According to the developers, the new sorting option was a direct result of the Feature Upvote, where the ICARUS community can vote on features or bug fixes they’d like to see in the game. If you have anything that you want to suggest to the dev team, you can head to the official website and share your thoughts.

New Inventory Sorting Options
New Inventory Sorting Options Steam

This patch also brought some important fixes. For instance, refunding talents now works as intended. Furthermore, repairing items at the station will now correctly consume 10 Ren for each item repaired.


New Content
  • Adding New Cheat Function to Add Random Items
  • Adding new dort function UI to various inventories
  • Add a backend inventory sorting method for sorting via tag queries
  • Styx is now locked behind the correct DLC package. Fixed Styx Map DLC package not being granted to some owners
  • Adding in base mesh, materials, and animations for the exotic delivery pod
  • Changed default dev backend from sandbox since that service is offline now
  • Increased minimum DLSS verbosity to stop log spam
  • Added extra logging to try to track cause of dedicated server 028 issue
  • Update cave lights to bring spotlights closer to glow plane to avoid intersection with other world meshes outside of caves causing blockage
  • Increased light brightness 2x after reviewing in full game scenario with cave PP darkening the scene heavily
  • Added crit volumes for the crocodile and reduced projectile resistance
  • Fixing Race Condition caused due to new dropship player initialisation which was causing players to die before landing on a prospect
  • Fix dropship audio bug where rocket sounds could be muffled due to inappropriate occlusion values. Add ignored actors to dropship occlusion traces so they don't accidentally hit stuff that they shouldn't, and move the occlusion trace point upwards to avoid false landscape hits on landing
  • Fixed issue where dropship beacon grenade wouldn't recall dropship if the player reloaded a game while far away from their dropship
  • Remove a quest end dialogue event from a quest in the Ricochet: Expedition mission which was causing the Mission Completed dialogue to play twice

ICARUS Week 55 Update is now available on PC.

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