Get The Chance To Play With Everyone As Hyper Scape Now Offers Crossplay

It's finally here.
It's finally here. Ubisoft

It’s finally here! The feature that many players nowadays look for in video games. Hyper Scape announced that the crossplay feature is now live. That means players on PlayStation and Xbox can play matches together. By the way, this is regardless of the console generation.

That’s not all. Console players can now play as well with those on the PC. It’s important to note, however, that if a party has one PC player, the whole group is placed in the PC matchmaking pool.

You’re probably wondering about that PC thing. The development team said in a post that PC will join the crossplay pool at a later date after “an acceptable gameplay balance solution is found.”

The crossplay feature is activated by default. For PS4, it can be disabled in-game while for Xbox, it is done in system settings. For PC, the feature can't be disabled.

The arrival of crossplay is just in time as Hyper Scape made a lot of changes like in the Team Deathmatch Mode (beta).

Team Deathmatch Improvements

What changes are coming to TDM? There are four major additions. The first is the updated Victory Condition to allow players more time to compete. In Under Score, for example, players now need to be the first to reach 50 points to win. For Timer, teams must get the highest score after 12 minutes instead of 10.

Random Map Support has been added. Each match now randomly picks one of the three available maps. These are Foundry, Hillside, or Bus Depot. More maps will be added to the pool in the future.

Challenges have been enabled and will progress when playing the game mode. Finally, interactions with Twitch Crowncast are now fully supported.

Players can also look forward to the Polished Respawn Phase. The Scoreboard is now immediately shown upon death. Plus, a sound is now heard when respawning.

Winter Festival

The Winter Festival in Hyper Scape has officially started. This event lasts until December 29. For this event, players can fight across Neo-Arcadia covered in snow. They can also buy holiday-themed cosmetics.

View all changes that arrived with the patch here.

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