Hunt: Showdown Update Fixes Invincibility Bug and UI Issues

Hunt Showdown Update
Hunt Showdown Update Steam

Hunt: Showdown has received Update 1.7 last week that introduced the highly requested reconnect feature. While the update added tons of new content and improvements, it also introduced an unintended bug which rendered some hunters invincible. That is why the developers deployed Update to fix it.

The game is intended to be challenging and whenever someone exploits a bug that makes them unkillable, this is unacceptable to the developers and the community. Those who play legitimately need no longer worry as the invincibility bug has been squashed.

There are other issues that have been addressed as well. For instance, you’re probably annoyed by the in-game news feed as it keeps on appearing on the screen after each game session. Or perhaps you do not like that the D-pad or arrow keys are not working as intended. Well, these problems have been fixed, so do update your client as soon as possible.

Update Changelog

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in Hunters being invincible and unkillable
  • Fixed a bug that caused the news feed to appear on screen after each game session
  • Fixed an issue that caused navigating with the arrow keys or D-pad might not behave as intended
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemy hunters to be highlighted in Dark sight after disconnecting from the mission
  • Fixed a bug that caused some UI elements to appear behind the player profile on the after-match screen
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the Vetterli High-Velocity ammo to have the wrong image in the book of weapons
  • Fixed several issues that could occur when banishing a boss while a member of your team has been downed
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in downed players receiving their full HP back when a banish was initiated

Extras for Streamers

Are you actively streaming Hunt: Showdown? If so, the developers have something extra for you. Some stream assets are now available, which include:

  • “Drops active” frames
  • “Drops enabled” logo
  • “Drops tags” (png form)
  • Twitch panels (in several languages)

The devs request that if you enable Twitch drops on your channel, use “Drops tags” so that your viewers will know what legendary unlocks are available for the day.

Hunt: Showdown Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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