Hunt: Showdown Update 1.6.2 Features New Scottfield Model 3 Revolver, HP Regen Improvements

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.6.2
Hunt: Showdown Update 1.6.2 Steam

Crytek Studios has launched Update 1.6.2 for Hunt: Showdown that features the new Scottfield Model 3 Revolver. General changes for the Regeneration Shots, Crossbow improvements, and more are included as well.

New Weapon

The Scottfield Model 3 Revolver is a small-slot, medium ammo pistol with six bullets. It is different from other revolvers in that you can easily reload it thanks to its built-in ejector and open cylinder design - allowing you to remove all of its bullets at once.

While it is slightly underpowered compared to the Caldwell Pax, it still outperforms compact pistols due to its use of medium bullets.

Gunplay Changes

Regeneration Shots have received some changes to their duration. Health regeneration speed has been reduced by 50%, but it will no longer stop at health borders and will continue until you are back to full HP.

Furthermore, health regeneration will be paused when you are bleeding, poisoned, burning, or reviving a teammate with the Necromancer trait.

As for Crossbows, both the regular Crossbow and Hand Crossbow will have better damage over long distances, though their range remains the same. Also, Crossbow Basic Bolts will now inflict bleeding on enemies unfortunate enough to receive it.

Matchmaking Improvements

Those who disable Skill-based Matchmaking (SBMM) will get into matches faster thanks to the change in the system. Now, you will be queued at the same time with others who also have SBMM disabled and groups who have relatively the same level as you. Keep in mind that you can only disable SBMM if you are already rank 100 or above.

Patch Highlights

  • Regeneration Shots
    • Health regeneration speed is halved (2.5 HP/second instead of 5 HP/second)
    • Health regeneration does not stop at health chunk borders but will continue until current max health is reached
Kill Assists
  • The closer players are to a target they damaged, the longer they are eligible for a Kill Assist
    • Effectively this means that players can still get assists after many minutes if they stay close to the target
Equipment Changes
  • The Fire Bomb and Liquid Fire Bomb’s burning area duration has been increased from 20 to 120 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where dead enemies and hunters could trigger tripwires
  • Fixed a bug where the Iron sharpshooter trait didn’t work for the Lebel Aperture with the sight up
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be stuck in team filling after it has been canceled

The full patch notes for Hunt: Showdown Update 1.6.2 can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

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