Hunt: Showdown Update 1.3 Brings Cross-Play Between Xbox And PlayStation

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Hunt: Showdown is now one of the few games that supports cross-play. The massive 1.3 update released yesterday has added cross-play support between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there is no support for PC players yet. The update also added a substantial amount of new content and features in the game.

Two new AI variations have been introduced in Hunt, Grunt Doctor and Concertina Armored. Killing the Grunt Doctor will give you a Medkit, but be careful around him as he deals poison damage. The Concertina Armored will cause bleeding damage. You can distinguish him as he is covered in concertina wires.

You can read highlights of the update below. Complete patch notes are mentioned on the official Reddit post.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.3 Patch Notes



Doctor Grunt

  • New Grunt AI variation
  • Carries a medical kit (similar to the ones players can find at resupply stations or randomly in the world) on his back that he drops when killed.
  • Wields a rusty bone saw that causes poison damage.

Concertina Armored

  • New Armored AI variation.
  • Fully entangled in concertina wire, this Armored causes bleeding damage when a Hunter gets too close.
  • More resistant to melee attacks in general.
  • Less resistant to all types of bullets.


  • Hunter Footsteps
  • Adjusted the pitch of footsteps to sound slightly higher for teammates and slightly lower for enemies compared to Player footsteps.
  • Slightly increased the audible distance of breaking branches that can be found in forest areas.


Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez Drum

  • An Obrez variant that features the 15 round drum magazine known from the Avtomat variant on this classic bolt-action.
  • With a 15/0 ammo pool, total ammunition remains the same however, the Obrez Drum does not need to be reloaded during a fight.
  • Available in the Mosin-Nagant M1891 unlock tree within the Book of Weapons, found between the Mosin-Nagant Sniper and Mosin-Nagant Avtomat variants.

Henry-Martini IC1 Marksman

  • A Martini-Henry variant with an attached medium-sized marksman scope for increased ranged capabilities.
  • Available at the end of the Martini-Henry unlock tree in the Book of Weapons.

Decoy Fuses

  • New tool with three charges.
  • Mimics a lit explosive when thrown, but does not explode or deal damage after its fuse time.
  • Can be used to deceive opponents and flush them out of cover.
  • Can be used to break stalemates by pushing into seemingly hazardous positions.
  • New unlock option for the Deception tree in the Book of Weapons.
  • Decoy Fuses play a tiny explosion sound when they explode.

Levering Trait

  • A new trait that allows lever-action rifles like the Winfield series to rapid-fire when aiming from the shoulder.
  • Hard to control, but allows shots to be fired at a staggering rate of fire. Levering gives additional flexibility in close range to stand your ground against Shotguns and other rapid-fire weapons.
  • Like "Fanning" for single-action revolvers, Levering does not work when aiming down sights (ADS).


  • Reworked Chaos Bomb patterns and added more weapon sounds for it to be more likely interpreted as real gunfights.
  • Improved handling of successive heavy melee attacks for some bayonet and talon variants.
  • Improved handling of successive heavy melee attacks for the crossbow.
  • Systemically - just like with Levering - Fanning now also causes slightly increased crosshair spread bloom compared to when firing it normally.
  • Consistency pass made on the time it takes to get 100% accuracy when entering scope view across all aperture, deadeye, marksman and sniper weapon variants.
  • Derringer, Throwing Knives, Decoys and Blankfire Decoys are now 100% refilled when their tool slot is randomly chosen for resupply upon looting a dead Hunter or using an Item Box. All other items still only receive one extra use per interaction.
  • Reduced the stamina cost for Heavy Attacks with the Knuckle Knife to allow six instead of four heavy attacks
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