Hunt: Showdown Update 1.3 Patch 3 Now Live On Test Server, Server Crash Issues Solved

Hunt Showdown
Hunt Showdown MICROSOFT

Monster hunting survival horror game Hunt: Showdown received a small update for its Test Server. The Update 1.3 Patch #3 makes some much-needed changes in the game, especially in the UI department. Some audio and gameplay tweaks were also made. Server crash issues have been resolved and multiple bugs were also addressed.

The update applies the ear ringing effect to legendary weapons correctly and the Nitro Express scope time is now more in line with other rifles. Many irrelevant texts were removed from the UI, and the damage history page has been drastically improved. Background for graveyard is now more gritty and dark and the cause of death will display correct items.

All the changes are only made in the Test Server, so we'll have to wait to see what the live game update will look like. You can read the patch notes below or on the official site.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.3 Patch #3 Test Server Patch Notes

General Updates


  • Ear ringing effect is now correctly applied to Legendary weapons as intended.


  • Updated Blend in times for the scopes of the Springfield and Martini Henry Rifles.
  • Adjusted the scope times for the Nitro Express to match other rifles.
  • Adjusted replenishment preset to target each tool/consumable individually instead of all at once.


New Death Screen Improvements

  • Overall improvements made with the removal of several not-needed texts.
  • The graveyard background has a much grittier look now.
  • The death screen blends in much smoother and provides a nice transition, allowing the HUD to display the deathblow feedback properly.
  • 'Headshot' and other special events are now not only displayed as tooltips when hovering over the icons.
  • Layout adjustments made to improve grouping of all weapon and partner related information close to each other.
  • Visual improvements made to the display of damage history.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between lowercase and uppercase texts.
  • Fixed several issues about wrong items being displayed as causes of Death.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some server crashes.


  • The Prestige number now show when hovering over the Prestige badge.
  • Fixed an issue in the consistency of Hunter Level usage.
  • Fixed the width of the Hunter List to avoid cutting off Upgrade points.
  • Death screen: Added previously missing icon for the Bear Trap,
  • Death screen: Fixed an issue where Items/weapons were displayed behind the 'you killed yourself' and 'falling' icon after been downed once before by another player.
  • Fixed an issue where death through explosive barrels resulted in wrong item displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kill view screen got lit up when pressing the 'Esc' key.
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