Hunt: Showdown Test Server Receives New Patch; Player Names Hidden by Default

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.5.1
Hunt: Showdown Update 1.5.1 Steam/Crytek

Crytek recently released a small patch for Hunt: Showdown. As of right now, the patch is only live on the test server, so no change yet for the game’s main build. The update squashes a ton of bugs and brings one minor change.

From now on, player names in the Combat Log BETA will be hidden by default. Spawns of Saddlebags have been corrected and the bug where they made an unintended noise has been addressed. Both the text and localization of the new tutorial saw improvements, and all four Challenges can now be turned active. You can read the rest of the changes below.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Equipment/Consumable items could be used without the effect being applied to your Hunter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bounty Token icons to not fade correctly based on the player’s viewing angle/crosshair proximity.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Trip Mines to be stacked on top of each other when placed in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where Challenges from the Questlines, such as those requiring kills in a specific compound, could be completed by a teammate that was killing AI from outside the target compound.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tutorial instructor to T-pose after the melee instruction.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes, after playing the Wildcard Contract for a couple of rounds, it was tricky to select Standard Contracts.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred while playing solo where the system could automatically select Standard without any user input.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player to be unable to progress in "Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any custom ammo" Challenge with Crossbow Explosive Bolts.
  • Fixed a UI issue that caused the Contract changes of the lobby host to input no change for the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tutorial to work improperly if the Hunter killed the Butcher too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where a UI pop-up for the Tutorial still said “Training.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused only 3 out of 4 Challenges to be active.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial that caused a player to become blocked from progressing when killing the 3 Target Dummy Hunters before entering the final room 11 building.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect stats for custom ammo types of some weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Hunter to be unable to interact with window shutters after shooting the window with special ammo (mainly Poison Ammo).
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Serpent Trait to collect Clues while the Hunter was not using Dark Sight (at the start of the round).

You can read the complete patch notes via Steam. You can also purchase Hunt: Showdown from there for only $15.99.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Hunt: Showdown recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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