Hungry Shark Franchise Celebrates a Decade of Munching to the Top

A decade of eating.
A decade of eating. Ubisoft

The Hungry Shark franchise has reached a new milestone as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary. That’s a decade of an apex predator eating its way to the top of the food chain. The games in the franchise have been downloaded about 800 million times around the world.

A Look-Back

The series had its start in 2010 and was released as a trilogy. Back then, players took on the role of a great white shark or something resembling one. Part 1 was straightforward and had players eating what was in sight. Part 2 introduced a boss while Part 3 now has a unique location.

Since the first release, a lot of games have been added to the franchise and introduced across different platforms. The games in the series can be played on iOS and Android, and console versions like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Regardless of the platform, what made these games unique was that each had its own identity and gameplay.

The Basic Gameplay

Basically, the Hungry Shark franchise has players take control of a shark. Players eat different marine species to grow in size, after which more powerful sharks are unlocked and accessible to players. Players though can’t just eat anything as it’s based on the strength of the shark. A reef shark, for example, won’t be able to eat a lionfish but it won’t be a problem for a great white shark. Some creatures defend themselves and won’t just allow themselves to be eaten.

A Celebration

It’s not the number of downloads that’s impressive about this game. Other figures show just how long and successful the game has been. These include:

  • 2.19 billion game loops
  • 148.5 million hours of gameplay
  • 1,133 trillion points scored
  • 312 million times exploded

What the Future Holds

As part of the festivities, Hungry Shark World released new content and in-game events. One of these was the introduction of the Mecha Sharkjira, which has since been liked by many. There’s even animated content that includes a bouncy castle skit.

Developer Future Games of London said that there’s more being planned for this year and beyond.

What about you? What are your best memories of Hungry Shark?

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