Humankind December 15 Hotfix: Video Tutorials and New Steam Deck Control Scheme

HUMANKIND Steam/Amplitude Studios

Humankind’s meta is about to change once more as the latest hotfix released yesterday brought many balancing changes. The patch also brought a ton of bug fixes and a couple of additions.

Steam Deck received a new default control scheme, and the culture card from the loading screen has been removed. Battles won’t get stuck after the player uses two airstrikes, and video tutorials for War Support, Embassies, and more have been added. Feedback on both vanilla game and Together We Rule is improved, and Mac beta compatibility for M1 and M2 are added.

You can read the highlights of the update below.

  • Balanced cultures for the Together We Rule Expansion pack (see full list below).
  • Added video tutorials for War Support, Third Party reinforcement, Embassies, The Congress of Humankind and Agents.
  • Improved feedbacks and information on the vanilla game: Patronage gains, Independent People's lifespan, Era Stars.
  • Improved feedbacks and information on Together We Rule: Doctrines, International Sway, Decoys, Expelling military forces, Unavailable agreements in embassies, Official Audience, Demilitarized territories.
  • Sumerian EQ:
    • Removing "+3 Influence when an Intel is collected"
    • Adding "+5 Leverage against all known empires when the Eduba is built"
  • Han Chinese EQ:
    • Removing "+3 Industry"
    • Tweaking "+12 Science when an Intel is collected" (previous value = +3)
    • Allowed placing Paper Mills without adjacency to existing districts, as Hamlets. The River is still required
  • Bulgarian EQ:
    • Removing "-3 Influence"
    • Adding "+6 Influence when an Intel is collected"
    • Tweaking "+1 Stability per Territory following state religion" (previous value = +3)
  • Swiss EQ:
    • Removing "+3 money"
    • Adding "+1 money per Era Level"
    • Tweaking "+2 Farmer/Worker/Trader/Researcher Slot per corresponding adjacent quarter" (previous value = +1)
  • Swiss EU:
    • Tweaking the base CS of the Unit : 44CS (previous value = 43CS)
    • Tweaking the price of the Unit (T3 > T2) : 970 (previous value = 1945)
  • Singaporean LT:
    • Tweaking "-50% on Absorb City cost" (previous value = -25%)
  • Singaporean EQ:
    • Adding "+4 Influence per adjacent Common Quarter"
    • Adding "Count as Market Quarter"
    • Removing "-10 Stability"
    • Tweaking the placement prerequisite: "Over any District that is Regular District" (previous value = Farmer Quarter)
  • Embassy :
    • Tweaking (reducing) the construction cost formula
    • Tweaking Stability Bonus: "+5 Stability per Era" (previous value: "+20 Stability")
    • Tweaking Influence Synergy: "+3 Influence per Era per adjacent District" (previous value: "+10 Influence per adjacent District")

Read more about Humankind December 15 Hotfix on Steam.

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