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Season 2 of Fortnite is currently live, which has added in some excellent stuff as a result of the latest collaboration between Epic Games and Disney. Previously, Epic Games has had crossovers with Avengers and Stars Wars, and now Deadpool has joined the party. You can unlock the official skin based on the Regenerating Degenerate, but in quite a unique way.

Previously, all crossover skins were available to purchase, but this Deadpool skin cannot be bought from the item shop. It can only be unlocked by completing certain challenges in the current Season. So, if you're looking to unlock the official Deadpool skin, you'll have to be mindful about all the new challenges dropping in each week and the requirements on how to complete them.

Although the Deadpool skin cannot be purchased, you can buy the premium Battle Pass for Season 2 to get some additional missions to speed up the unlock process.

Additionally, you'll also have to find Deadpool's hideout. There are secret missions are hidden inside the hideout. You can find this room from the Battle Pass menu in the main lobby. When in the Battle Pass menu, you have to click on a circular object hanging on the right side of the wall to be taken to Deadpool's hideout, which is a bathroom.

The challenges for week 1 can be accessed through a computer in Deadpool's hideout. The challenges include:

  • Find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games
  • Do not thank the bus driver

Both of these challenges are very simple and shouldn't take a lot of effort to finish them. The letter that the challenge is talking about can be found in the very same room where the computer is present. It is lying on the floor, adjacent to the computer. Exit the computer and interact with this letter to complete the objective.

The second challenge is also very simple and it requires you not to thank the bus drivers. All you need to do to complete this objective is to jump into a match and get off the bus without thanking the bus driver, essentially you just have to get out of the bus and do nothing to complete the objective.

Even though the skin won't unlock until later this season, you will still receive immediate rewards as a result of completing these challenges. This week's reward is a special Deadpool banner.

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