How To Get A Shiny On Pokémon Go Turtwig Community Day

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The new Community Day focuses on Gen 4 starter known as Turtwig.
The new Community Day focuses on Gen 4 starter known as Turtwig. Niantic

Niantic has introduced a brand new Pokémon Go Community Day. This time around it focuses on the Gen 4 starter Turtwig, a grass-type Pokémon capable of evolving into Grotle and then Torterra (its final form).

Many players believe that this is the very first Gen 4 Community Day from the developers. It does make sense, though, since Gen 5 is about to go live.

You will be given at least three hours to start catching as many Turtwigs as you possibly can in Pokémon Go. It is quite interesting in a sense that Community Days are usually launched on Saturdays, but Niantic decided to introduce this on a rare Sunday.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Turtwig Community Day is the opportunity to obtain a Torterra that can evolve with a unique move known as Frenzy Plant. That said, most players are more interested in shiny hunting.

It is worth noting that the shiny versions of Turtwig, Grotle, and Torterra are not necessarily significantly different from their respective normal versions. They tend to have a little less green on them and they appear to have a tad more yellow. While it is different enough to make them noticeable, it is not really a complete color flip you often see from shiny Pokémon.

As expected, Shiny rates are hovering around 5%. That means, one in 20 Turtwig encounters should be shiny. Others are reportedly claiming it is as high as 8%, which would be more like one in 15.

It is ideal to always have incense active. Doing so will spawn bonus Community Day Pokémon. The same goes for lures, which should be active wherever you can put them, as one lure always lasts for three hours during Community Day. In other words, you are getting six times the bang for your buck.

As a Pokémon Go player, your goal is capture as many shinies as you can muster during this three hour window. From there, you should start picking your highest IV Turtwig and evolve it into a shiny Torterra with Frenzy Plant!

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