How To Get The Most Out Of Steam

How to get the most out of Steam
How to get the most out of Steam Amazon

Valve’s gaming client Steam is very popular among PC gamers. Steam is both a service and a storefront. While Steam isn’t a very complex platform, there are many things you can do that are not obvious. You can certainly maximize your PC gaming experience by using Steam’s hidden features. Here are some tips, tools, and extensions that can help you get the most out of Steam.

Organize games by size on disk

For viewing lots of information about your game library use Detail View. For less functional, but prettier looks, use Grid View. A compromise between the two is List View. By clicking on top categories under List View you can reorder your games. For instance, you may organize your games by “Size on disk”.

Open links in new windows

You can use Steam as a web browser. In order to display web addresses you have to check Settings > Display > Show URL address bar when available. If you want to open web links in multiple windows, use the middle-mouse button or click while holding down Ctrl.

Manage where your games land

Steam allows you to add new folders for game storage. Click the Steam Library Folders button under Steam > Settings > Downloads. You can add folders for game installs from there. When installing a new game, you will be able to choose a location for installation once you have added folders. You can also move previously installed games between folders. You’ll see a Move Install Folder button if you right-click on a game and select Local Files under Properties tab.

Optimize your Steam library

You may optimize your Steam library by adding non-Steam games by clicking Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. This unlocks the Steam overlay feature, including in-game chat and full screenshot functionality.

Batch install games

Steam can install games in bulk so you can save time when you need to migrate to a new PC. Simply open your Steam library in List or Detail View and select the games you want to install by clicking on each while holding down Ctrl. Right-click on a game when you are done and select the Install option.

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