Endless Space 2 Awakening Expansion Available Now On Steam

Welcome the new race.
Welcome the new race. Amplitude Studios

Endless Space 2 revealed that its latest expansion, Awakening, is officially available on Steam. This newest jam-packed expansion introduces an all-new Nakalim faction to the Endless universe along loads of other interesting updates.

In this turn-based strategy game, players take control of their very own galactic empire in a world that is full of different factions, each with their own stories and distinct characteristics, all vying for power. Since each faction is unique, there are different gameplay experiences for players depending on the faction they choose.

The “Awakening” expansion adds the Nakalaim, a new playable faction. The Nakalim were once a large galactic empire that went dormant after their gods were slain. However, this ancient race has suddenly been awakened, so to speak.

While many of the current ES2 factions start the game with the aim of growing and expanding, the Nakalim gets an important advantage of being a technologically advanced society. The problem is that the race is poor when it comes to Science. While the Nakalim no longer need to focus on expanding, they have to look for ancient relics to learn new technologies

Aside from the new Nakalim faction, the latest expansion includes these features:

  • Four New Heroes
    • The Nakalim are considered to be explorers, warriors, and even believers. Make use of these heroes in order to master exploration as well as develop systems.
  • New Nakalim fleet
  • As the Nakalim, players need to rediscover and take control of ancient territories using heavily defended fleets.
  • Academy Empire
    • The Academy has long been considered as the place where legendary heroes train. In this expansion, the Academy is now an empire that give splayers the ability not only to manage star systems and fleets, but also colonize new worlds. In order to help with the expansion, players get the chance to use unique powers like Academy Roles and Named Ships.

One interesting addition to the game is the new Xirmisala Minor Faction. The specific role of this faction has yet to be picked and is going to be decided by the community. The roles are:

  • Special Forces
    • With the Xirmisala being both disciplined and hardy, they can perform the most dangerous and critical missions and succeed while others would have been easily destroyed.
  • Oracle
    • Since the Xirmisala are so attuned to the powers of Dust, they appear to predict seemingly random events. This gives them an air of supernatural about them.
  • Wardens
    • Since the paradise they once lived was ruined, the Xirmisala have sworn to do what they can in order to preserve any planet’s natural state.

You can vote on what role you want here.

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