House Party Reveals Roadmap Before Early Access Exit

See what's being planned.
See what's being planned. Eek! Games

The year is almost over and that means House Party is much closer to leaving Early Access. Before the big day arrives, there are two updates to be released. Just in case you’re wondering, Early Access is ending in March 2022.

In a post, the Eek team revealed the tentative timeline which shows:

  • November 2021: Vickie Finale Update
  • December 2021: Polish Update and Full Controller Support
  • February 2022: Female Playthrough First Public Look
  • March 2022: Polish Update and Final Implementation of Female Playthrough
  • March 2022: House Party Exits Early Access
  • May 2022: Mystery Guest DLC

That the game is almost coming out of Early Access is indeed good news to players. In fact, the team revealed that it is the players they are really thankful for over the years of development. The team has had to deal with a lot of issues from journalist negativity and even attempted censorship.

Still, the team added that they’ve been doing what they could to make the game even better. From improving the graphics to adding globalization and translation. The storyline has been fleshed out further with new features added.

With the game leaving Early Access next year, the team shared that they’re working on more content for the Explicit DLC patch. For those new to House Party , the base game has a “Mature” rating with an offer of an “Adult Only” rated DLC patch. Those who already have the game can download the patch for free. Once downloaded, it’s going to be free permanently. However, this offer ends once the game leaves Early Access. So, expect a small charge for Explicit thereafter.

What’s going to happen after the game leaves Early Access? According to the team, leaving that state is just the beginning. There will be exciting post-release plans like quality-of-life updates and possible new DLC packs. In fact, if you look at the tentative timeline, a Mystery Guest DLC is planned for May 2022. There are also plans to port the game to VR, which should excite players.

What do you think about these plans?

House Party is available on PC.

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