House Flipper: Latest Patch Introduces Farm DLC Fixes

Fixes are here.
Fixes are here. Empyrean

It was last week when the Farm DLC was released for House Flipper. Like most new content some bugs are bound and this one is no different, and it’s found with game crashes and blocked progress.

This much was revealed in a post by the team at Empyrean stating that players deserved "an apology and an explanation." They went on to say that due to the log files sent by players, they were able to get a better look at the issues and managed to fix them quickly. They also shared that there were issues that weren't easy to track using logs but were still fixed.

One of the issues fixed is players getting stuck on loading screens. The same can be said for house photographing, which has been blocking the progress of many. Other issues resolved include those related to building from scratch, pouring water for hens, and chicken coop assembly.

More Fixes

  • Vastly improved the visualization of the final position of your roof during roof placement.
  • All the little translation bloopers are now gone!
  • Fixed a bug with door and window variants resetting when building house extensions.
  • Fixed the pesky grass that was causing problems for players who don't own Garden DLC.
  • We've heard that Molly's house had some roof problems. Fixed!
  • We took care of the Windmill house loading issue and threw in a few environment optimizations.
  • Any problems with scrolling through houses in your laptop should now be gone.
  • Fixed a bug related to the ability to build extensions outside the plot.
  • Got rid of visual task list errors in case of too many tasks.
  • Farm DLC animal icons have been fixed.
  • Improvements to bunny movement.
  • Shop filtering issues have been filtered.
  • Fixed the Freestand Bathtub shop icon.


The Farm DLC was released April 13 and introduced a farm-themed content brimming with rural charm. Highlights include:

  • Architect Tool
    • Ability to extend houses.
    • Ability to create houses from scratch.
    • Ability to create custom roofs.
  • 9 houses for purchases.
  • 3 empty plots.
  • 10 new jobs.
  • 6 crops.
  • 6 animal products.
  • 7 farm animals.
  • 9 new tools and mechanics.

House Flipper offers players the unique chance to be a one-man renovation crew. Go out and buy, repair, and remodel devastated houses. After that, give those houses a second life and sell them at a profit. One important thing to remember is to work smart, not hard. So, trust the tools and face the renovation head-on. Using the tools will give players experience, which can then be used for upgrading them and polishing skills. The game is available on PC through Steam.

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