Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Confirmed For PS5, Will Have Co-Op Support

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Horizon Zero Dawn
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Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best-selling PlayStation exclusive titles released, so it was obvious that Sony would be interested in making a sequel. For the last couple of months, we have been getting a lot of rumors about what a Horizon sequel may be like. The latest of them comes from VGC, also known as Video Game Chronicle.

Multiple sources told VGC that Sony had given an okay to the sequel for Horizon. The development of the sequel started after the first game’s launch. The sequel was supposed to be a PlayStation 4 title, but now the development has shifted to focus heavily on a PS5 port. The reason behind this decision could be the size of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, or whatever it may end up being called. The rumors suggest that the game would have a “Gigantic” world, and that maybe PS4 wasn’t powerful enough to support the environment. Also, the Guerrilla Games developers wanted to fully utilize the new hardware.

The sequel is also rumored to have co-op support, but we don’t know whether there will be an extra mode or the entire campaign will have co-op support. Honestly, playing the entire campaign with a friend would be so much fun. The original game was supposed to have co-op support, but the idea was dropped as developers needed those resources someplace else.

Official information regarding the Horizon sequel should be coming soon. A while back, Guerrilla shared a job posting where they were looking for a Senior AI Programmer. The job posting was later deleted, but some users were able to take a screenshot. The job posting mentions PS5, so the chance that this is a next-gen title is higher than ever. There is no official date for Horizon Zero Dawn 2, but given that the PS5 is supposed to launch at end of 2020, I would expect the same time-period for the sequel, or maybe early 2021.


We do remind you that these are all rumors and could be proven wrong. However, one thing that is confirmed is a PC port for the first game. Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on PC via Steam in Summer 2020. You only have to wait a couple of months to revisit the beautiful world of Horizon with that sweet 60 FPS.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn? Do you think co-op is a good idea for the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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