Horizon Zero Dawn Will Have Ultra Wide Support For PC

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn TECH RADAR

Former PS4 exclusive title Horizon Zero Dawn is the first major AAA first-party game owned by Sony that will get a PC port. It’s quite important that Sony gets it right. There are lots of features that are crucial for a good PC game, like full keyboard and mouse support, unlocked FPS, Ultrawide support, more graphic settings options, and justified system requirements. Lack of good keyboard and mouse support is one of the reasons I couldn’t enjoy Dark Souls 3 on PC.

Not much is known about the Horizon PC port, however we don’t have to worry about Ultrawide support anymore. Guerilla Games' Community Manager Anne van der Zanden confirmed that the game will support Ultrawide mode. In fact, Guerilla even released a screenshot of the game from the PC port showing such. You can see the screenshot for yourself below.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn STEAM

“We will support ultra-wide! As others in this thread already pointed out, the first screenshot on the Store Page is taken from the PC port.” van der Zanden said in a Steam thread. There are still tons of things that can can cause issues with the title like a 60 fps lock, a lack of good KnM support, or anything else. But given how much effort Sony puts in their games, I have hopes that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be an amazing port. Van der Zanden also confirmed that the game will have Steam achievements. The exact launch date has not been revealed, but we do know that it will be during summer 2020. We will get more information in the coming months.

If Horizon Zero Dawn becomes a hit on PC, then it can make way for other PC ports. A God of War or Spider-Man port would make my dreams come true. Come on, Sony. Don't you want to be a dream maker?

So what do you think? Are you excited about Horizon Zero Dawn? Which other PS4 exclusive games do you want on PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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