Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh And Three More Join The PlayStation Hits Lineup

All PlayStation Hits titles are available for $19.99.
Sony adds five more titles to the PlayStation Hits lineup, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh.
Sony adds five more titles to the PlayStation Hits lineup, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh. Sony

Days of Play for Sony and PlayStation may be over, but great consumer news is still on the horizon as the company announces new titles for its PlayStation Hits lineup.

As many of you already know, PlayStation Hits is a lineup of games that are significantly marked down. With new copies sold for only $19.99, it is the best deal on some of the best titles on the console. As of now, there are some amazing tiles already available for PlayStation 4 users, if they haven’t gotten them yet, including Doom, Bloodborne (this might be a meme as there is no way there isn’t a PlayStation 4 owner who hasn’t played this yet), Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, Until Dawn and many more.

This added batch of titles features some amazing releases as well, and could be your chance to grab new games at an incredibly marked down price. Check them out below.

  • Friday the 13th: The Video Game – this asymmetrical horror title lets you play as either the iconic, nearly invincible mass-murdering Jason Voorhees, or as one of four survivors in a game of cat and mouse set in Camp Crystal Lake. It’s also a good look at what to expect from the upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds, as it’s being made by the same developer, Illfonic.
  • God of War III Remastered – Before Kratos’ stint as a father in a Norse mythology setting, he was a fallen demigod hellbent on revenge against the gods of Olympus. This final title in the iconic trilogy is an amazing sendoff to what would eventually become 2018’s God of War.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition – Guerrilla Games first foray into role-playing games also proved to be their finest moment, as this action RPG title became one of Sony’s best new IPs for the PlayStation. It’s also a showcase of what the Decima Engine could accomplish, which will be important as Death Stranding will also be running on the same engine.
  • Nioh – Team Ninja’s take on the Souls formula is considered one of the best, if not the very best. Now might be a good time to pick it up, as its sequel, Nioh 2 is expected to arrive soon.
  • Resident Evil VII­ – Capcom’s return to form started with this reimagining of the survival horror series, which for the very first time is played in first person. If you have a PlayStation VR, even better, as the game features functionality specifically for the headset.

For a full list of available PlayStation Hits titles, check out the listing here.

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