Sony's Days Of Play Sales Mean No Changes On The UK Charts

FIFA 19 at the top spot once more.
Sony's Days of Play sale helped ensure the top spots for PlayStation titles on the UK Charts.
Sony's Days of Play sale helped ensure the top spots for PlayStation titles on the UK Charts. Sony

Last week has been a quiet week for the physical release section of the UK Charts, seeing as there was no notable releases. Add that to the fact that E3 was in full swing last week, and you have yourself a number of days where most players were too invested in watching out for game announcements and trailers for various upcoming titles.

While Sony and PlayStation were notably absent from the proceedings, the company did host a Days of Play sale, which proved once again that price promotions are incredibly powerful motivators for consumer purchase. It’s no surprise that the UK Chart last week reflected that, showing various first party and third-party PlayStation 4 titles made the cut, with some even returning to the top after a brief stint outside of the charts.

FIFA 19, for instance, rose back to number one for the first time since January. Because of Days of Play running throughout last week, the sports title remained at the top of the charts. Add that to the fact that the game was included in a number of discounted PlayStation 4 hardware bundles, and you have FIFA 19 seeing a 53 percent boost in sales week-on-week.

Days Gone remains steady at number two, owing much to its 35 percent lift in sales. Marvel’s Spider-Man also remains at number three, thanks to a 45 percent rise.

Electronic Arts got two of its major titles back on the top 10, with Battlefield V going from number 11 to claim the sixth spot, and Anthem coming from number 14 to grab the eighth.

Two PlayStation VR titles also showed their staying power. PlayStation VR Worlds rose from number 10 to seventh place while enjoying a 56 percent sales boost. Blood & Truth, meanwhile, dropped from fifth place to replace it, seeing an 8 percent dip. It’s worth noting that Blood & Truth debuted at the top of the UK Charts two weeks ago, making it the first VR title to do so. The rise in sales for PlayStation VR Worlds can also be attributed to the fact that it’s sold with a PlayStation VR bundle.

The biggest non-PlayStation title in the top ten for this week is Forza Horizon 4, going from number 12 to rocket to the fourth-place spot. This is most probably due to the release of the LEGO Speed Champions expansion announced at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 Briefing.


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