'Horizon Zero Dawn': How To Find Cauldron Zeta's Hidden Entrance

Horizon Zero Dawn - Running
Horizon Zero Dawn Photo: iDigitalTimes

Gamers around the globe are flocking to Horizon Zero Dawn in droves, lured by the open world RPG’s new setting, flexible gameplay and excellent storytelling. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, even after a dynamic rainstorm sweeps across the plains, for some Horizon Zero Dawn players. Especially if the hidden entrance to Cauldron Zeta is (theoretically) all that’s standing between you and the “All Cauldrons Completed” trophy.

We have already shown Horizon Zero Dawn players how to override every Tallneck in the game, where to find the strange metal flowers scattered across the map and other tips for new Horizon Zero Dawn players. We even rounded up location data for all the Grazer Dummies hidden on Nora land. But many HZD players community members are starting to dig much deeper into the game, exploring Cauldrons and furthering their mastery over Horizon’ s robotic bestiary. And now some of those players are struggling to figure out how to access Cauldron Zeta, home to one of the game’s toughest fights.

Fortunately, we’ve already recorded a spoiler-free video that will have you exploring every nook and cranny of Cauldron Zeta in no time. Here’s how to find the hidden entrance:


Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available on PlayStation 4.

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