'Horizon Zero Dawn' Ancient Vessels Guide: All 12 Locations To Unlock Studious Palas Reward Boxes

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Scattered amongst the land in Horizon Zero Dawn are ancient vessels, which Aloy can exchange with merchant Studious Palas, who is located in Meridian's town center. Four vessels make up a set, which means collecting all 12 vessels will reward three sets of Reward Boxes. While you can pick up the collectible map sold by the merchants in Meridian for extra help, here are the locations for all 12 ancient vessels:

Ancient Vessel Set 1 Locations

Arches is located at the southern part of the main map. Cross the river to the south of the Devil's Thirst ruins and you'll find the ancient vessel between the river and a broken wall.

Horizon Zero Dawn Arches
Ancient Vessel Arches Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

North of the starting area and just west of the Devil's Thirst Bandit camp lies Dronehop. The ancient vessel is on a small rock near the road.

Horizon Zero Dawn Dronehop
Ancient Vessel Dronehop Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

A Sawtooth site is located between two campsites located west of Meridian. A small brick building with a roped attached to the top is located near the river – find Faro in front of that building.

Horizon Zero Dawn Faro
Ancient Vessel Faro Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

Ancient Vessel Wayfarers can be found near the road that runs east of Devil's Thirst ruins and Devil's Thirst bandit camp.

Horizon Zero Dawn Wayfarers
Ancient Vessel Wayfarers Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube


Ancient Vessel Set 2 Locations

Miriam is located at the eastern edge of the map. From the campsite located southwest of Devil's Grief ruins, travel the northwestern roads and you'll note 2 ruined buildings. Miriam is located between it.

Horizon Zero Dawn Miriam
Ancient Vessel Miriam Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

Once again, from the campsite located southwest of Devil's Grief ruins, follow the road westward to find ancient vessel USRC near the ruined building and large billboard.

Horizon Zero Dawn USRC
Ancient Vessel USRC Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

A small ruined building near the destroyed car is found south of the campsite located southwest of Devil's Grief ruins. KZ is located inside the building.

Horizon Zero Dawn KZ
Ancient Vessel KZ Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube


Ancient Vessel – Sterling-Malkeet – It is located in the bandit camp called Shattered Kiln, located on the north-western border of the map.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sterling-Malkeet
Ancient Vessel Sterling-Malkeet Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

Ancient Vessel Set 3 Locations

To find the ancient vessel Jomei, climb on the Dimmed Bones, located near the river on the western side of the map. Jomei is in front of the ruined building.

Horizon Zero Dawn Jomei
Ancient Vessel Jomei Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

Odyssey is located east of the Dimmed Bones ruins. You'll find the vessel in the middle of the pit when you're on The City of the Sun main quest. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Odyssey
Ancient Vessel Odyssey Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

The snowy northwestern region of the map is where you'll find the ancient vessel, Metallurgic. The vessel is located in front of the ruined buildings, known as Maker's End, and is visible from the nearest campsite.

Horizon Zero Dawn Metallurgic
Ancient Vessel Metallurgic Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

Finally, the ancient vessel Thunderheads is inside the biggest building in the north of Maker's End.

Horizon Zero Dawn Thunderheads
Ancient Vessel Thunderheads Photo: PowerPyx / YouTube

Watch the full Horizon Zero Dawn 12 Ancient Vessel locations guide, courtesy of YouTuber PowerPyx, below:

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