Horizon Forbidden West Now Getting Free Next-Gen Upgrade After Criticism

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West Sony

Horizon Forbidden West pre-orders went live a couple of days ago. While many fans were super excited, some got disappointed. The game was criticized due to its upgrade path, or rather lack of it.

Without an upgrade path from PS4 to PS5, you must purchase another copy for the latter. Well, after the backlash, Sony quickly changed that.

Free Upgrade Path

Players can now upgrade the PS4 game version to PS5 for FREE, with no extra charge or whatsoever. This decision was a long time coming as Sony promised last year that they will upgrade the game for free.

Previously, players who wanted both PS4 and PS5 copies of the game had to purchase Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector’s Edition, or Regalla edition. Now, owners of Standard Edition and Special Edition can upgrade their PS4 versions to PS5 for free.

Pricing Issue

There is one weird thing about this though, and it’s the pricing. PS5 Standard Edition costs $69.99, whereas PS4 Standard Edition costs $59.99. So technically, PS5 owners could purchase the PS4 version instead and upgrade it later to the PS5 version. This will save them $10. I guess it’s a hit Sony will have to take.

Future Games

I know that this is all quite confusing. To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, Sony has revealed its future plans. Any cross-gen first-party game by Sony will now offer a paid next-gen upgrade path for $10. This will apply to God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and other future cross-gen games.

Different Editions

There are five different editions of Horizon Forbidden West, ranging from $60 to $260. We have detailed them in our previous article. So check it out to know that you are purchasing the edition that suits you the best.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Horizon Forbidden West? Are you planning to pre-order the game? Will you be waiting for reviews first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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