For Honor's Latest Hero, Warmonger, Is Here

Changes coming to combat mechanics.
Welcome a new hero.
Welcome a new hero. Ubisoft

For Honor revealed that its newest hero Warmonger is finally here. The hero’s debut comes as part of For Honor's Year 4 Season 2. Warmonger carries a two-handed flamberge sword and hopes to follow in the footsteps of Apollyon. In addition to claiming the mantle of leadership in Heathmoor, she also hopes to start a new Age of Tyranny.

In celebration of her arrival, For Honor is giving players a Free Event Pass. This is going to offer 35 tiers of reward progressions from August 7 to August 27.

The Warmonger is available for purchase from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Uplay, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It’s going to be part of a package that also includes an elite outfit, exclusive ornament, and seven days of Champion status. Players can buy this bundle in-game starting on August 20 for 15,000 Steel.

New Update on Mechanics

The launching of Warmonger also marks the release of a major update for the game’s core combat mechanics. With this, the combat should offer more dynamic offense and more consistency. It should also offer changes that help counter spammed light attacks.

This Core Combat Update follows from the Testing Grounds changes that were tried back in March. Changes that arrived with the update include:

  • Peacekeeper's Light
    • Light chain is now always dodgeable.
  • Highlander's Light
    • Light chain is now always dodgeable.
  • Orochi's Unblockable Top Heavy Finisher now can always feint to Guardbreak and catch back rolls.
  • Various damage and stamina changes.

This is not all, as a patch is also coming on August 13 that makes changes to the CCU. So, what can players expect with this new update? For one, some combo moves are going to see their Stamina cost lowered to six from 12. The damage on some attacks are also going to be reduced. This upcoming update also puts in some out of lock damage fixes for consistency with locked attacks. You can view the upcoming changes here.

Developed by Ubisoft, For Honor was released in 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Last June, the game released its latest season dubbed Tyranny. Tyranny also included a major facelift for Centurion. The Warmonger is the second major update of the Tyranny season.

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