The Prince Of Persia Joins For Honor In New Crossover Event

The Prince has arrived.
The Prince has arrived. Ubisoft

For Honor is happy to announce that the Prince of Persia himself is all set to arrive in the online multiplayer game. The problem is that there's an army of sand creatures that come with him. Dubbed as Blades of Persia, this special limited-time event began on March 12 and ends on April 2. It offers a new mode plus accompanying cosmetic loot.

The new mode is titled Ruler of Time. In this one, players go to the Harbor map for a Dominion match that's now infested with sand creatures. Every now and then the Prince, who controls the power given by the Dagger of Time, comes out of a sand tornado and attacks everyone in sight. That's right, the prince doesn't care which side he attacks.

The event is divided into two parts. The first is the one mentioned above. Then on March 19, the Ruler of Time mode undergoes a big change. Not only that, players also need to look out for the Prince who now becomes the Dark Prince. That should be both a treat and a challenge.

Aside from the new mode, the limited-time event also gives players a chance to get 26 new weapons from loot. There's also going to be an Event Pass where players can get 30 tiers of gear and loot. These items include a new battle outfit, new ornaments, and new emblem outline. There's also a Sand Mood effect.

Players have the option to buy two new outfits, Sandwraith and Ratash, from the in-game store. They can even get the new execution that both the Prince and Dark Prince use in combat.

For Honor is set during the medieval period, but with a fantasy setting. It was originally released in 2017. Players take on the role of a character from one of four different factions, which are the Iron Legion (Knights), the Warborn (Vikings), and the Dawn Empire (Samurai). A fourth faction, the Wu Lin, was added in 2018. Upon release, For Honor received mainly favorable reviews and even won Best Fighting Game in IGN's Best of 2017 Awards. For Honor is available now on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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