Hitman 3 Ends the Seven Deadly Sins Campaign with Wrath

The campaign is almost over.
The campaign is almost over. IO Interactive

The Seven Deadly Sins campaign is finally coming to a close as Hitman 3 welcomes the Season of Wrath. For the seventh and final act, players need to go deeper into the mind of Agent 47, and an angry one at that. There will be relentless enemies and everyone must adapt and survive.

The Season of Wrath actually started October 26 and is expected to run until November 29.

The grand finale will test not only your survival skills but also your decision-making prowess. The Wrath Termination Escalation is set in a night-time version of Dartmoor. You need to fight against ruthless enemies in three stages with increasing difficulty. If you survive, you'll get the Roar Flash Grenade, Temper Suit, Shaska Beast, and Wrath Termination.

It’s Halloween

Halloween in Hitman 3 started on October 26 and it’s about the Mills Reverie Escalation. This one has players infiltrate Orson’s dreams and make it a night to forget. Three complex stages progress through an Escalation. Players able to make it through all stages get the Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken. The Escalation ends November 29.

Elusive Target

The first Elusive Target starts October 29. It brings Agent 47 back to Chongqing to find a target known as “The Rage.” This former middleweight champion is currently on the run and players have 10 days to finish the job.

The second Elusive Target begins November 12 and takes players to Hokkaido to find a target known as The Fugitive. It’s going to be a bit difficult since there’s no mini-map. In addition, the target is undergoing facial reconstruction surgery. As the first target, players must take out the target within 10 days.

A New Challenge

The Season of Wrath introduced a new challenge to everyone, along with a new unlockable. It’s the Polar Survival Suit first introduced in the Crime and Punishment Sniper Assassin mission. To get the Polar Survival Suit, players need to finish a challenge in Hokkaido.

Read more about the Season of Wrath here.

Hitman 3 was released in January 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. While the game is the final entry to the World of Assassination trilogy, it is actually the eighth main game in the franchise.

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