Things Heating Up as Hitman 3 Launches Season of Lust

Can you face the heat?
Can you face the heat? IO Interactive

We’re more than halfway in the Seven Deadly Sins Expansion of Hitman 3. Act 4 is all about the Season of Lust and a lot of new things are coming.

One of these is the Lust Assignation Escalation. This is a one-stage contract where players need to hunt down safes and blow them open. The goal is to gather intel on a secret admirer. Once all clues are collected, players then need to observe and identify who the secret admirer is. That thing is, each time a player starts the contract, the admirer is randomly selected to make sure that each playthrough is different.

As if that’s not enough, finishing it offers three unique rewards. These are:

  • Scarlet Suit
    • A red snakeskin suit complemented with matching sunglasses and driving gloves.
  • The Serpent’s Bite
    • A remotely detonated explosive specially crafted to make it appear like a loosely coiled snake.
  • The Serpent’s Tongue
    • A unique crossbow that has a red and black snake motif and is loaded with blinding darts.

Elusive Target

For the Elusive Target, the first is the Heartbreaker. He gives the impression of making a dream wedding a reality but actually has a unique way of breaking his victims’ hearts. Agent 47 has been asked to make sure he’s stopped. But he has from July 30 to August 9 to make this happen.

The second is The Entertainer which needs to be taken out between August 20 and 30. Actually, it’s none other than Mr. Giggles, the final Elusive Target back in the first Hitman game. Once eliminated, don’t forget to grab his client list.

The Garden Show

On August 5, players will be treated to the Dartmoor Garden Show. On the first playthrough, it’s going to play out as a three-stage Escalation. In this one, players are randomly assigned a client and accomplice. Once all three stages are finished, players get to unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit.

Unlocked as well is the Deterministic Mode, which is activated by resetting the Escalation back to Stage 1 and then choosing a newly-unlocked Starting Location. For this new mode, the random element is removed and it is up to the players to decide who gets to live.

Finally, there is the Contracts Mode where players are given the chance to come up with their own contracts on any NPCs at the event.

Read more about Act 4: Season of Lust here.

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