Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins Expansion is Here; Act 1 Now Available

Beware of Greed.
Beware of Greed. IO Interactive

Hitman 3 announced that its newest seven-part premium expansion, Seven Deadly Sins, is finally here. It starts with Act 1: Greed and brings players back to Dubai to take on a new three-stage Escalation, which is The Greed Enumeration. The first act is set to last until May 10.

The arrival of this expansion also means a change in the way the game is getting updates, for now, based on names. Instead of April Roadmap, it’s called "Season of Greed." In a post, the Hitman 3 team revealed that they’re going to release the full content preview for the Season of Greed in the first week of April.

The First Act

In Act 1, players need to complete an objective and then collect the coins, which actually belong to Agent 47. The coins are then fed to the frog to get the rewards. These rewards allow players to finish additional objectives that are only revealed after the previous ones are completed.

All collected coins in a particular stage are carried to the next stage of Escalation. The Greed Enumeration reward players with three permanent unlocks:

  • Rapacious Suit
  • Greedy Little Coin
  • The Devil’s Cane

The Devil’s Cane, in particular, can be used as a melee weapon in other contracts. Doing so will generate a Greedy Little Coin.

Act 1: Greed can be purchased separately for $4.99. Players can also get the Seven Deadly Sins Collection for $29.99.

Seasonal Event

The Berlin Egg Hunt starts March 30 and lasts until April 12. It offers a seasonal twist to Berlin like the new decorations and graffiti as well as new gameplay items that players can collect and use. Players who participate in this event get to unlock the Raver Outfit.

Elusive Target

Also happening this April is the Elusive Target. It starts from April 9 to April 19. So, don’t forget to take down The Collector.

Starter Pack

Hitman 3 is now offering the Free Starter Pack that makes the Dubai level playable for free. The offer is available from March 30 to April 5.

In a post, the team said that this free pack is just a start. More free content is set to be added for a limited time in the future. It can either be a full location or even an Elusive target.

The new expansion set arrives in the game along with Update 3.20. You can read the full patch notes here.

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