Chill Out with Hitman 3 Season of Sloth

Act 3 has arrived.
Act 3 has arrived. IO Interactive

First, there was Greed, and then, Pride followed. This time around it looks like we’re getting a “Chill Out” as Hitman 3 launches Season of Sloth. This is Act 3 of the Seven Deadly Sins content that started June 15, running until July 19.

In this DLC, the Sloth Depletion Escalation leads you deeper into the mind of Agent 47. So what can players expect?

Elusive Target

The first Elusive Target starts today June 17. Players go to Berlin and take out “The Liability,” considered by many as the worst construction inspector in the world. Be sure to plan ahead since you only have 11 days to complete the mission.

The second Elusive Target has players travel to Sapienza to meet The Twin. This is a bit tricky and challenging since they are identical twin brothers with one being the client and the other the target. Killing, or even harming, the client immediately fails the mission. The event starts July 2 until July 12.

Location Rotation

Speaking of Sapienza, it’s going to be the destination for this season’s Location Rotation. That means for all those who have the game, or even the Free Starter Pack, they get unlimited access to this beauty of the Amalfi coast. This offer starts June 25 and lasts until July 4.

Featured Contracts

Three featured contracts are happening for this new season. The first is some Sloth-inspired contracts created by Jane, Mike, and Andy, available on June 24. They’re from a YouTube channel known as Outside Xbox. With these three making the first set of featured contracts, players can expect stealth, poison, and of course, explosions.

The second set arrives on July 8. This time, the Featured Contracts are coming from the Hitman Community, all also Sloth-inspired creations.

The last ones are on July 15 involving the Speedrun community. Expect to go through three Sloth-inspired contracts from none other than Frote 7. If you’re new to the game, Frote 7 was the one who obtained a Silent Assassin rating for the Dubai campaign mission in merely 17 seconds.

Learn more about the Season of Sloth here.

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