Hitman 3’s First Major Patch is Here!

First major update is here.
First major update is here. IO Interactive

Hitman 3 dropped its first major patch today which is sure to bring a smile to many players. That’s because it’s finally making a suit that has long been requested as an unlockable item. Several tweaks and improvements are included since after all, this is a major update.

New Suit

Let’s start with the new unlockable outfit called Tactical Turtleneck. To get the item, players must go back to the ICA Facility and finish The Final Test. Once unlocked, the item is added to their inventory and can be used on any location that allows a suit.

Deluxe Content

Players who have the Deluxe Edition, or even the Deluxe Pack, get access to new content. These are:

  • Deluxe Escalation: The Proloff Parable
    • This challenging Escalation is located on the Carpathian Mountains and gives players the chance to become The White Shadow. It also lets them use the White Custom Sieger 300 and White Katana. Players who finish all stages get all of the items mentioned in their inventory.
  • ​Deluxe Escalation: The Gauchito Antiquity
    • Prepare to go to Mendoza and get a taste of The Guru’s emetic medicine. Make the best out of the Emetic Grenade and Emetic Pen Syringe. Complete all stages to unlock the items and make them available in your inventory.

Initiation Protocol

There’s still content scheduled to arrive in the game like the Elusive Target in Sapienza. You can review all the content that arrived in February here.

Patch 3.11

One improvement that the update brings to the game is the adjustment made to the background contract of the game’s mission end screens. This should make the screens darker and make texts much easier to read.

Several changes are made as well to different locations including:

  • Dubai, UAE
    • The weapon protocols have been adjusted resulting in security guards not being able to carry sniper rifles openly.
  • ​Dartmoor, England
    • The update resolves the issue where bodies that were “dumped” in the pond were not always "hidden" and could be discovered.
  • ​Berlin, Germany
    • The manhole in Berlin has been removed which means players need to find other areas to dump bodies.
  • Chongqing, China
    • The patch resolved the issue where players weren’t able to finish either "The Controller" or "the All Seeing Eyes" Mission Story on Master Difficult.

See all the changes in Patch 3.11 here.

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