The Hitman 3 Gameplay Trailer is Here

Get a peek of what the game has to offer.
Get a peek of what the game has to offer. IO Interactive

The World of Assassination trilogy is almost at an end, especially once Hitman 3 launches. The game itself is set to arrive on January 20, 2021, to bring new content for players. New content includes fresh weapons, items, and locations. In terms of features, players can expect something original and something old to return.

To get a preview of what Hitman 3 has to offer, you can watch the gameplay trailer below:

Get a Peek

In this game, Agent 47 takes on what may be the most important contracts of his career. Players can control not only Agent 47’s whole arsenal of weapons and tools but also his abilities and instinct. Keep in mind that all these are important to master the art of assassination.

One reason why the franchise became a hit is the sandbox location. It gives players complete freedom in how they want to complete the objectives. Sandbox locations and a new multi-function camera are coming to the game. The new camera lets players interact better with the game world.

As players go through missions and complete challenges, they progress the 20 Mastery tracks, which unlock new weapons and tools. It can even give new Starting Locations to get that needed advantage. Any items and weapons unlocked are added to the permanent inventory.

Depending on how a player completes an objective, they’re awarded a Playstyle after each mission. There’s the typical Hired Gun, for example, and the highly coveted Silent Assassin.

PC Version

There’s no doubt that the next-gen versions of Hitman 3 are more than excellent. But PC players aren’t that far behind.

Developer IO Interactive has partnered with Intel to make sure that the game is optimized for PC. Read more about that here.

The optimization is not limited to the launch. Updates, tweaks, and improvements will roll out throughout 2021. So, PC players can expect a fluid and responsive gameplay experience at launch and beyond.

IO Interactive too made improvements to both lighting and reflections. Next, they enabled 4K visuals and HDR support with the choice for an uncapped framerate. Then, directional reverb for a unique audio experience. The feature improves the ability of players to localize sound in a given space while making the audio mix cleaner. Without this feature, the reverberated sound would be all over the place.

So, are you excited for Hitman 3's release?

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