Hitman 3 Welcomes You to Ambrose Island

It's a new location and new targets.
It's a new location and new targets. IO Interactive

A new patch for Hitman 3 is now live and it includes a new location that can be downloaded for free. Ambrose Island is located north of the Strait of Malacca and has an isolated harbor full of dense vegetation and hidden coves; it even has twisting paths and perilous bridges.

The adventure that Agent 47 takes is set before the events of Hitman 3. In fact, it can fill up some of the untold events that happened in Hitman 2. Ambrose Island not only sees the return of the game's well-known characters but also wraps up some of the narrative threads. That said, players can look forward to new challenges, unlockable items, and even support for ray tracing, VR, and Contracts Mode.

Set Sight on Targets

Once Agent 47 arrives on Ambrose Island, he'll need to eliminate two targets to consider the mission a success. The first is Noel Crest, a former operative of Lucas Grey’s militia who has since defected and gone rogue. Currently, he leads a group of international thieves that have been doing several heists and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Crest and his group actually specialize in the discreet retrieval, and destruction of valuable items, documents, and data. It seems that he was last seen trying to build a partnership with Akka’s pirate syndicate.

The second target is Sinhi Venthan, also known as "Akka." She was raised on the streets in a small coastal village located south of Chennai. After showing her strength and strategic prowess, she managed to rise from being a common thug to a pirate queen. Akka and her band of outlaws are said to be operating as far as the Pacific Ocean. She has managed to enrich herself and at the same time bring down those who oppose her.

Location Mastery and Unlocks

One feature that players can expect in Ambrose Island is the wide range of specialized items and tools which can be unlocked and used across the World of Assassination. Players can finish gameplay challenges to unlock XP and progress through 20 levels of location mastery.

Each mastery level gained allows players to unlock new starting locations, item stashes, unlockable weapons, items, and the Guerilla Wetsuit and a Molotov Cocktail. Each time it's played and the player completes the challenges, they unlock new ways to approach the level.

More unlockables are the emetic gas grenade that has a poisonous frog trapped inside, and the Kukri Machete that's sharp enough to cut down to the bone.

You can learn more about Ambrose Island here. You can also check out the July Patch Notes here. Hitman 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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