Hitman 2: February 2020 Content Is Here

Someone's returning this month.
Someone's returning this month. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 revealed what's coming this February. There's not much offered this month, though the challenge is still present. There's going to be Featured Contracts along with Curated Contracts. An Elusive Target is also making a return.

Elusive Target

This month, The Revolutionary is back. That's right, Vicente Murillo is going to be patrolling Santa Fortuna again for 10 days. It should be noted that this is a reactivated Elusive Target. This means that for players who already gave it shot, whether completed it or failed, they won't be able to play it again.

Featured Contracts

This month, Hitman 2 is giving everyone a chance to be part of the Featured Contracts. It won't be surprising to know that this being February, the theme for this month is "Lost Love." This theme is open-ended on purpose to allow creators the chance to come up with their own interpretations of the theme for their contracts. The deadline has passed and 10 Contracts are going to be chosen and added to the game. All contracts are going to be available beginning on February 6.

Curated Contracts

Aside from the Featured Contracts, there's also a community curator lined up to choose some of their favorite contracts and have them included in the game. Hitman 2 is also giving the curator space on the blog in order to better explain why these contracts were chosen. For this month, Frote7 gets to serve as Curator. Frote7 is well-known in the community with his excellent knowledge of the game, especially when it comes to speedrunning.

IOI Monthly

This month, IO Interactive offers another episode of IOI Monthy, giving a look behind the scenes. The episode airs on February 26 and one topic is going to be the March Content Calendar.

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