Hitman 2 Guide: The Top Three Things Any Assassin Should Know

Be the best assassin in the world.
Be the best assassin in the world. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 continues to offer players new content with its monthly roadmap. Players get the chance to try out various objectives that need different methods to complete. For new assassins, it may be a little bit difficult. Not to worry though, as today we give you some simple tips in order to become the assassin Agent 47 is meant to be.

Here are three important things to keep in mind when playing Hitman 2.

Not Just For Killing

What's a hitman without his weapons?
What's a hitman without his weapons? IO Interactive

An assassin is never without his gun. After all, it is the best and most direct way to kill a target. However, in Hitman there are situations when the direct route may not be the best way to go. This when you can use your guns in different ways. One such way is to make use of guns as a distraction, or even bait. What you need to do is simply leave a gun on the ground.

In most cases, when the NPC sees the gun on the ground, their first move is often to call the proper authorities, or the police. This serves as a good way to distract a guard. For example, the guard might approach the NPC, allowing you to slip inside whatever building the guard was looking over. Not using the direct route could also pay off when you need to get inside an area that has high security. The guard could pick up the gun, allowing you to enter the area without alerting your target. You can then get the gun later inside and complete your objective.

It is also helpful to note that there are targets that are acompanied by guards. Using guns as a distraction gives you the chance to separate the guards from the target and move in for the kill.

Don't Leave Home Without It

Never leave home without it.
Never leave home without it. IO Interactive

In Hitman 2, any item can be a potential weapon. There are a number of items available that are not only good for incapacitating or killings enemies, but are also useful in getting those more professional kills. Those who have played Hitman 2 before know that even the lowly screwdriver can be a really useful tool. Be sure to have such items in your toolbox. Indeed, the toolbox can be used as a briefcase as a way of hiding illegal items. You can actually carry it around much like suitcases or a rifle case. Always bring your toolbox so that you can keep important items you pick up.

Small Yet Effective

The tool every hitman should have.
The tool every hitman should have. IO Interactive

When you play Hitman 2, your default loadout is a silenced pistol, three coins that can be used for distraction, and Agent 47's signature fiber wire. Yup, if Batman has his batarang, Agent 47 is well-known for his fiber wire. There is no question being able to use the fiber wire on your opponents is cool. No matter how cool this item is though, it comes with some limitations.

Our advice is that to enjoy the use of the fiber wire at the start. At some point you need to discard it, since there are a lot of ways you can actually take out your target. What should you have instead? We say go for the lockpick. This is a far more valuable tool and makes sure that you can get inside a number of important areas without needing to shoot your way through.

Hopefully this guide gives that little bit of advantage to make some headway in the game. Be sure to look out for more of our Hitman 2 guides.

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